Presquile Provincial Park – July…the hottest month ever………. a

Lots and lots of people boat on Lake Ontario, you will see SUP’s, canoes, kayaks, floaties, sailboats etc


Ontario Provincial Parks are great.  We have camped at probably 60 or more of the parks and have done day trips at several others.  Our interests are traveling, photography, canoeing, hiking and biking and Ontario Parks fits the bill for all those activities.

We have a few parks very close to us and one of them is in Brighton, about a 30 minute drive from our house,  Presquile Provincial Park.  They have beaches, boardwalks, camping, picnic areas, biking, wildlife, a Lighthouse and more!

It has been so stinking hot here lately that we have been going to this park for the day to get away from the heat.  Our temperatures have been 30 Celsius or higher and with the humidity, of which we have a lot, the temperatures have been hitting high 30’s up to 40 + Celsius.  Ugh !! One day we were at the Park and it was 26 Celsius and a nice breeze, by the time we got back to our house (later in the day) it was 34 Celsius (that did not include the humidity)   For my American friends, that is approximately 94 Fahrenheit.  If you add humidity, it can be well over 100.  Ugh again……………

It’s great that it’s so close, we pack up our morning coffee and lunch and we are usually there and set up before 8 a.m.

We like the picnic sites right on Lake Ontario.  We can swim, take photos of wildlife/flowers/landscapes or just sit and read a book or enjoy the view.

We have been 3 times in the last while and the last time we went, there was a couple of terns that were flying and diving right in front of us.  They are pretty cool birds.

I liked the water behind him.
They hover right before they dive into the water, pretty interesting
I think these guys are very pretty


I love seagulls, I know people find them annoying and I suppose if you are downtown Toronto, they are.  But I find that when they are “out in the wild” so to speak, they are kinda awesome.


This photo makes me laugh, the waves were sort of high and he lost his body!
There was a field of wildflowers and of course weeds near us so we both were taking photos.  This is, well I don’t even know to be honest, but it’s kind of cool.  My husband was taking lots of photos of bugs, spiders, etc.   No thank You!
Part of the drive through the park
A view to the right from where we were set up


Clint took a photo of me out on the waves in my Beanie Chair (or Floatie chair).  I could float around all day every day in that thing!


Also I took a photo of the infamous Trum from enjoying a day off.  That’s a whole other Blog on how Trums Travels came to be !  Stay tuned and one day I will do a feature on the little stuffed travelin’ monkey……………

P.S. – he has his own little Adirondack chair……………..

Stay safe and take care.

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