Photography Show – February 2020 – My Photos – Revisited………….

Thought I would share a post from February.  We are in a Photo Club that does a Photo Show every February.  These are mine from this year.  Due to Covid, who knows if we will have a photo show next February or how often I will get out and get some photos to choose from.  So ……………. Enjoy……………

California Black Bird
Black Bird taken in Monterey, California

One of the photography clubs we belong to has a Photo Display once a year.  I always put in 10-11 photos, as does my husband.  I can’t believe it is that time of year again.

Below are the photos that I took and that I am going to display.

Below are the photos only……for the show I have matted and framed them all.  We set up our display in the shopping mall in a city near where we live.   Belleville, Ontario.

Now because this club is a Nature Photography Club, we are only allowed to photograph wildlife, landscapes, flowers, insects etc.  No “hand of man” is allowed, for example, a bird sitting on a bird feeder or a fence.

I hope you enjoy my photos!  These were all taken last year during our travels.

Savannah Bird
Taken in Savannah, Georgia
Savannah Flower
Water Flower taken in Savannah, Georgia
California Deer
Mule Deer, California
Sandhill Crane Wawa
Sandhill Crane, Wawa, Ontario, Canada
California Squirrel
Squirrel!  California
New Orleans Whistling Ducks
Whistling Ducks, taken in New Orleans, Louisiana
Banff Big Horned Sheep
Big Horned Sheep (female) taken in British Columbia, Canada
Algonquin Moose
Moose (young Bull) taken in Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada
Victoria Yellow Flower
Flower taken in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Algonquin BW Moose
Young Bull moose taken in Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada


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