INDIA – Day 9 -Jaipur to Mandawa – Revisited…….

Well travel has been pretty a No Go for a few months now.  I have been lately looking back at older Blogs and photos and reminiscing about travel.  We went to India in November 2018 and what a great trip!   Here is a Revisit of Day 9 of that trip, I would love to go back to India and see more and do more.  Maybe one day………….

Day Nine –

Wow the time here in India is going so fast.  We start our trip home tomorrow night, so hard to believe this time has gone so quickly.  We left today at 915 for Mandawa  Here are some photos on our drive to Mandawa, the drive took about 5 hours.

India D7100-1294_1164

India D7100-1340_1173

India D7100-1298_1165
In the middle of what seems nowhere, these markets will pop up
India D7100-1329_1171
Chillaxin’ in the shade
India D7100-1325_1169
Very straight track
India D7100-1326_1170
We saw this a lot, people just hanging on to whatever in order to catch a ride
India D7100-1350_1177
So many cows in this country !
India D7100-1348_1176
Cute little pony
India D7100-1347_1175
Street View
India D7100-1310_1168
Not sure what’s going on here
India D7100-1309_1167
India D7100-1299_1166
It was so cool to see camels
India D7100-1338_1172

We arrived at our destination about 2 p.m. and we stayed at the Mandawa Desert Resort .  Oh. My. God. this place is incredible.  All the hotels we have stayed at have been terrific and I didn’t think they could get any better but this is by far my favourite hotel.  Absolutely stunning, the whole place.

India IPhone-258_1245
Grounds outside the Resort
India IPhone-224_1237
Entrance to the resort

Before we went to our rooms though, we were hungry and the restaurant closed at 230, seeing as how it was after 2, we decided to eat first, get room later.  The buffet was okay, I actually have had better buffets but it hit the spot.

India S 111318 1131_1248
Dining Room

We went to our room and the walk to our room was like walking through a village.  All individual “mud” huts all decorated.  I just loved it, did I mention that?

India S 111318 1128_1246
The walkway just after entering through the gate
India IPhone-253_1243
This is heading to our hut !
India IPhone-252_1242
All the keys looked like this and they all jingled
India IPhone-222_1235
Another street
India IPhone-211_1232
Jane taking a photo of our hut outside her hut !
India IPhone-205_1230
The door right behind that cool stone wall is our room
India IPhone-204_1229
The door to our room
India IPhone-200_1227
While we were here, there were women painting more designs on the buildings

So then we go into our room………….When you entered, there was a small area with a desk and bench to the left of the door.  To the right, you walked down a few circular stairs and there was the bed.  You kept going around the bed and did almost a complete circle to get into the bathroom, which was huge.

India IPhone-208_1221
Our bed
India IPhone-209_1222
The stairs are to the right
India IPhone-213_1224
I love this little bench, which can double as a bed
India IPhone-214_1225
Just a wonderful room
India IPhone-212_1223
Me taking a picture of Clint who is taking a picture
India IPhone-248_1226
The toilet looks lonely and to the left was another huge room with a tub and big walk in shower and sink area

We had some time to unpack and check out the place.  We walked up to the pool and sat there for a bit with some of the others.  Some went into the pool for a quick swim before we headed out again.

India IPhone-223_1236
Sitting area at the pool and here some of us are sitting
India IPhone-220_1234
View from the pool area, a big thunder-storm came in that night so the sky is starting to darken already

India S 111318 1154_1249

At 4 p.m. we headed to Mandawa, a city of 25,000 people, to see the Havelis.  These are houses that are painted and are normally of architectural or historical significance.  Amit had a guide take us on a walking tour and we went into two different Havelis.  Beautiful places but getting a little rundown.  I think some of these buildings are now neglected by the absentee owners which is sad.  Below are photos of the two Havelis we went to.

India D7100-1352_1250
The Havelis al had a sign stating that they were, indeed, havelis
India D7100-1362_1254
Courtyard with a house one side and one on the other, I believe it was two brothers that owned this
India D7100-1367_1255
Stairs entering the building from the courtyard
India D7100-1368_1256
I love the paintwork done here, on all the buildings
India D7100-1370_1257
India D7100-1372_1258
This is separating the two houses
India D7100-1374_1259
Inside, an open air room
India D7100-1382_1260
View from the roof
India D7100-1396_1261
I like old things probably cause I am old and I really like this photo I took of this old cupboard
India D7100-1406_1262
This was on the lower roof and the stairs go nowhere but I again, I liked the look


India D7100-1407_1263
Top floor with a walkway spanning the perimeter
India D7100-1408_1264
View from the top

India D7100-1409_1265

India D7100-1414_1266
India S 111318 1197_1273
It would be great to live somewhere that you could have open air rooms
India S 111318 1201_1274
Our group
India S 111318 1204_1275
What’s down here?
India S 111318 1208_1276
Roof Top
India S 111318 1220_1277
View of the main courtyard from the roof
India S 111318 1233_1278
This is quite a large building and no one lives here now, I think Amit said they use it as a summer home
India S 111318 1240_1279
another rooftop view

We walked through some more of the city and I loved the look of the streets.  There were not many people around either so it was possible to get some good street shots.

India D7100-1359_1252
Beautiful bright pink flowers show up randomly here and there
India D7100-1360_1253
I wonder how old this street and buildings are
India D7100-1418_1267
This was a pretty walk and the tree was growing through the wall
India D7100-1419_1268
Lots of character on this street
India D7100-1422_1270
I believe this was the entrance to another Haveli that we did not tour

Then we ended up going to the shops area and our guide took us to his house and up a steep set of stairs to his shop.  He and his family make scarfs, saris, bedspreads etc and he wanted to show and sell us some of his family’s work.

India S 111318 1300_1287

He had very beautiful items which I enjoyed looking at but when the selling started, I decided to leave.  I followed Clint, Paul and John downstairs and back into the streets to look around and to find somewhere that sold beer.  We wanted to take some back to the hotel.  We did indeed find a spot and we purchased rum and/or beer for later in the evening.

India D7100-1427_1271
Just saying hello
India S 111318 1279_1280
They are just everywhere, so neat to see
India S 111318 1293_1285
I believe this is the street we went down to go up the stairs to the store
India S 111318 1295_1286
More stores
India S 111318 1286_1281
Two of our group trying to get out of the way of the bus and the cows, very narrow streets. They jumped onto a cement thing? and then lost their balance
India S 111318 1287_1282
Clint took a photo of Nancy taking a video of the event
India S 111318 1288_1283
All is well and no one was hurt
India S 111318 1291_1284
As we left that area, I looked back and the cows looked very sorry for all the trouble they caused and probably want us to come back

We got back to the hotel and our whole group met in the common area to play Catch Phrase and drink our drinks.

India S 111318 1129_1247
Common area
India IPhone-228_1239
The game is afoot

After about an hour or so, all the group went into dinner except for Paul, Clint and I.  We were not hungry enough to eat again.  Paul and Clint played some ping-pong and we drank our beer and ate some Masala Potato Chips and waited for the others to come back.  They were only gone about an hour.  More visiting and some of  them played ping pong again.  Then time for bed, long day tomorrow and our last day.

India IPhone-234_1240
Clint and Paul had an audience

India IPhone-240_1241

We had a wicked thunder and lightning storm in the night and lots of rain.  First rain we have had since we arrived in India.  The weather has been around 30 Celsius give or take and always sunny and warm.


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