Paddling the Skootamatta River -25 August

Skootamatta River

We decided to drive up to Tweed and put our canoe in at a boat launch to paddle the Skootamatta River.  

This was a little marsh area off the river

We haven’t paddled this river before but we were looking forward to it.   We did not see a lot of wildlife on this river, a couple of turtles and a snake swimming across the river.


At one end of the river is a nice waterfall.  You can portage to the other side of the falls and continue on paddling if you like.  We did not do that this trip but maybe another day.  It would be great to come back in the spring as I’m sure the water flow would be more impressive.

This area is to the right of the waterfall and goes nowhere

There is a spot on the left side to put your canoe, which we did and we hiked the trail to the other side of the falls.

Our Canoe
From the Falls looking back
Part of the trail to portage around the Falls


The Falls
This photo I took from the top of the Falls, if you look through the trees you can see Clint standing on top of the Falls.

Back into our canoe and we paddled back and went to the other end, as far as we could go, but there was a cement wall across the river.  There is a big drop to get to the rest of the river.


Pretty interesting day and I’m glad we did it but as I said, we did not see the wildlife that we see when we paddle the Moira River.

We left there and drove to Deerock Lake Conservation Area. It’s a bumpy dirt road to get to the boat launch but it’s a nice drive and the lake is beautiful.



We were going to put our canoe in for a short paddle but the water was pretty choppy.   There are campsites along one side of the lake which you can paddle to and stay on.

Boat Launch at Deerock Lake
At the bottom of this sign they show all the campsites along the lake.

You can also access the Elzevir Peatlands Conservation Reserve from here.

We left there and on the way out we spotted a Turkey family.  I hopped out of the car to get some shots, they were way back in a field but I wanted some photos.

Turkeys Galore!
They were pretty far away but look how many kids!   There must be about 15 young ones.

So that was it, another day chalked off during the Apocalypse…………Off for home, another great day.




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