Paddling the Moira River, Again – 23 August 2020


Sunday was supposed to be a beautiful day so we decided to get up early and paddle the Moira River again.  We put our canoe in about 9 a.m. and we stayed on the water until 1 p.m.   Lots of paddlin’ and picture takin’ to be had today!

We really like paddling this river.  Lots to see and it’s very pretty.  We paddled one way and ended up where there are little rapids signalling the end of the river.  Well, the end of us paddling the river, the river carries on.  One day we may get out and walk through the rapids and see how much further we can go.

End of the river………….for us…………Clint took this photo


One lone Cormorant and his little friend

I was lucky to get a couple of shots of this Pileated Woodpecker as he flew past the front of our canoe.  These are a favourite of mine.

Pileated Woodpecker

After puttering around at this end, we headed back past the parking lot and carried on the other way for a bit.  The parking lot is just this side of the bridge.


I like this shot I took, I know the background is the bridge and normally I like natural settings but I do really like this one

We saw lots of turtles and LOTS of frogs.  We call one marshy spot FrogTown.  Everywhere you look there are tons of frogs, most very small.  The photo below is not good but I was trying to get a photo showing, literally, hundreds of little frog heads poking up through the water.  They were in the water, on lily pads, swimming, jumping, just something else to see.

Frog Invasion


This is what you get paddling in this stuff, heavy paddles!   I try to just skim the surface with my paddle when we are in this kind of environment

We always see a few herons and I like herons and I love photographing them.  So here’s a couple of my shots.

Coming in hot !
They quite often sit up high in trees
Straight on
We saw the female Wood Ducks again
I used to have turtles like this when I was a kid

Well that was that day, come and gone so quickly.  Hope you enjoyed your paddle with us.

Stay Safe Everyone !

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