Biking in Belleville ! – 22 August 2020


Belleville (Ontario, Canada) has a great biking/walking trail all along the waterfront of the Bay of Quinte.  We usually park our truck and then start our bike ride at Zwick’s waterfront trail which is about 3.5 kms long.  We do a little side ride towards the Water Treatment Plant and then back the same way to continue on the trail.  Trail Map

Heading towards Werner Dietz Park (by the Water Treatment Plant)


The Bridge to take you to Prince Edward County
View of Belleville from Zwicks Park

Then we head out of the park and on to Highway 2 for a very short ride over the bridge, turning onto South Front Street.  From there, into Victoria Park and we did the little loop that goes past the Yacht Club.  Back on to South Front Street and we biked down towards the Marina and continued on to do the Bayshore Trail (2.75 kms).  We ended up at the Boat Launch at Herchimer Avenue.

We always stop here for a rest, they have a few park benches by the boat launch and we can watch people put their boats in and out of the water.  While we there, a young guy was standing on the dock, chain smoking, and when he was done with each cigarette, he threw them into the Bay.  I told him he was littering and he said sorry.  He should have offered to go into the Bay and pick them out.  Kids swim there, not to mention ducks, swans, fish etc…….some people……… oh man………..

Meyer’s Pier



Well time to head back to our truck so we just did the same route, in reverse.  They have a playground, washrooms, park benches, pavilion and more all along the trails.  They have done a great job.

When we got back to West Zwicks, we stopped and took a look at Pop Ups by the Bay   This is something new that Belleville is trying this year, due to Covid.  I think it’s a great idea and hopefully they will continue and maybe have more Pop Ups.

They have different little booths set up; one for kayaks/SUPS rentals, Royal Haveli (Indian food), Golden Scoop (ice cream), Gator’s Fries, Brick Oven Pizza Truck and more!   Pretty cool idea.  They are open 7 days a week from 11-7 pm.  We had eaten our lunch prior to biking so we weren’t hungry but we definitely want to come back for lunch one day.  We both love the food at Royal Haveli (they have a restaurant in Belleville as well) and I would like to try Brick Oven Pizza.  Next time !


So another great day and the weather was awesome!

Stay safe please…………..



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