Gut Conservation Area and The Chutes Provincial Nature Reserve – 20 August 2020

Thursday we headed out at o’dark thirty in the morning, my way of saying REALLY early and drove up to, and past, Havelock to go to the Gut Conservation Area.


The drive was about 120 kms but it was a nice morning and we listened to some podcasts as we drove.  Once past Havelock, we had to turn onto Lasswade Road and drove about 6.4 kms.  It’s a dirt road but nicely done;  smooth, wide and no problem to drive.  However, once you get to the turnoff to Gut Conservation Area, another story.  We have an off road truck so off we went and I suppose most vehicles could make it.  I have a Toyota Matrix and I would not take my vehicle down this road.  One lane only and lots of deep holes and ruts, but it’s only about 1 -to 1 1/2 kms long so if you were careful…………

There is a small parking lot at the end and we were the only ones there.   The walk to the gorge area is nice and once at the gorge, you can see the waterfalls and walk along the river.  Pretty nice spot.

Trail to the river
This is the end near the falls, it’s fenced off
Looking down the river to the left
The Falls or cascades to the right  ……..
Well look who got out of the truck today

We walked to the main area and then hiked down the trail to another spot and there was a heron sitting among the rocks.

The heron photo, he’s there hunkering in behind the rocks

We spent some time there and then headed back to our truck.  By this time there were 2 other vehicles in the lot plus one vehicle parked out on the road, two people had walked instead of driving.

Back in the truck and off we went to Bancroft, maybe 50 kms.  As we were driving from the Gut, we spotted a fox, deer, 3 herons and a turkey family.   We couldn’t get photos as we were driving and even when we came to a screeching halt on the road where the turkeys were, by the time we got our cameras up, they were long gone.  So unfortunate.  I do love turkeys!

We had to drive through Coe Hill on our way to Bancroft and what a quaint little town.  So many different gift shops and restaurants, really cute place.  We didn’t stop but if you get the chance…………..Also we passed the Old Hastings Mercantile and Gallery, great place.  We have stopped here before and made some purchases.

We like to go to the Chutes Provincial Nature Reserve.  Another dirt road off the highway which leads to a very small parking lot.  It is also a nice hike down to the waterfalls and river.  I was having knee troubles so I didn’t go right down to the river.  I stayed up by the falls.  It’s bit of a steep climb off the trail and my knee was saying no to that.

The river by the parking lot
Trail to the Falls
On the way to the Falls
Still walking………….
And Shazam!  The Falls

It’s a nice spot and there were a few people there.  This is the first time we have been to the Chutes when other people have been there.  We normally go late autumn, late winter or early spring.

On the way home we stopped at the L’Amable Boat Launch just to check it out.  The Boat Launch is on one side so you can head into the lake and on the other side is a small beach right beside the dam.  Weird……………


So that was our day, home in time for Cocktail hour, or as I refer to it, Beertail hour.

Stay safe everyone.

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