Ontario Provincial Parks – 2nd Stop…Mikisew Provincial Park


Off to Mikisew Provincial Park which is located about 4 hours from our home and about 50 kms south of North Bay.  This is a park we have not been to before and when I booked our site, I was fortunate enough to get a site across from the beach.  We were in the Hardwoods Campgrounds and it’s a little hilly and not a lot of privacy at the sites.  The second campground is called the Pines.   The Sanitation Station at this park, for fellow campers, is not planned out well at all.  There is one way in and one way out and the road is narrow and not very long.  You can get, depending on size, maybe 3 trailers on the turn to wait.  Anyone else is waiting on the road.

As you can see from the photo below, it’s not a big park.


The Park is located on Eagle Lake which is a fairly large lake (275 km2)  with lots of cottages around the perimeter.  They have a few trails, none longer than 2.3 kms.  Two of them are just trails along the shoreline.  We did all the trails, it didn’t take long.  Beaver Meadow Trail was about 2 km, Maple Canyon Trail was 2.3 km plus the short hike that connects Beaver Meadow to Maple Canyon trails (800 m)  We were able to walk to all the trails from our campsite, like I said, it’s not a big park.  The two shoreline trails are nice, Lakeview and The Point trails both along Eagle Lake.

Maple Canyon Trail
Maple Canyon Trail
Beaver Meadow Trail
Shoreline Trail

There is a great dog beach with a large fenced in area leading to the beach.

Volleyball Net and the fenced in Dog area to the right
Dog Beach taken from our canoe

If you have kids, this is probably the park for you.  They also have volleyball nets, basketball courts, kayak/canoe/SUP rentals, nice beaches and an 18 hole Disc Golf course.  I have never seen a course like this before and it’s located on part of the Beaver Meadows trail.

Disc Golf basket
Tee Block for the Disc Golf
Empty Basketball Court
View of the beach from our canoe

 We paddled a couple of times while we were here.  Mostly around the shoreline but we did venture further out where there are quite a few interesting rock islands.

It can be a pretty wavy lake, wasn’t bad when we went out
In the middle of the lake


Heron heading somewhere…….
These guys were interesting

So all in all, it’s a nice park but again especially for families/kids.  We liked it well enough but would probably not come back here as there is not enough of the things we like to do.   Not enough trails, wildlife and just one big lake to paddle.  Very well kept and the Park staff, particularly the Wardens are great.

Next stop……..Restoule Provincial Park.



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