Ontario Provincial Parks – 3rd Stop…Restoule Provincial Park


I love Restoule Provincial Park, one of my favourite parks.  We have been here before and I’m sure we will be back.   Restoule is located south of Lake Nipissing and about 65 kilometres southwest of North Bay.  Restoule is a fair drive off the main roads but it’s very nice.  Not too far outside the Park is Gerry’s General Store with gas pumps and a good selection of food and sundries inside.  A new place since we were last there, is a food Market around the corner from Gerry’s.

This park is probably in my top five of Ontario Parks.  They have three campgrounds, Putts Point and Bells Point without electricity and Kettle Point with 97 electrical campsites.  We stayed at site #467 in Kettle Point, most of the sites are okay, no privacy and a fair size but not ours!   It was a two tiered site, good thing we didn’t have tents to put up or two vehicles, it would not have worked.  But we made do as we always do!  But don’t pick that site. lol

It’s hard to tell in the photo below but where we come down our stairs, there is a hill going up, quite a hill.



Main Gate


Boat Launch, one of them

I believe it was at the boat launch above that we saw this sign and had a laugh about it.  Maybe their sign should be clearly visible lol……….


Beach area
One of the campground roads in Kettle Points Campground

We really like to paddle in this park, you have the Restoule river that connects, through a small portage, from Stormy Lake to Restoule Lake.


Trum (from TrumsTravels) got out of the truck again and he’s enjoying the day
The River
River nearest Stormy Lake
Beautiful purple flowers

We sat in the little river taking photos at several different times.  So much to see on the river.  Below are some photos I took.




I did this loon in B&W
Colour version of the Loon, which do you like better?
Loon cleaning his stomach! 
Stare Down


We sat for a long time taking photos of this one particular heron, he was very entertaining.


Not sure what he’s doing here
Bowing for his audience
If you notice this heron’s tongue, I’m not sure what he was trying to do
Red Wing Blackbird


Bees really liked these flowers
Ducks on the shore



We like to put our canoe in at Stormy Lake, below is the boat launch area.

Stormy Lake Boat Launch
This guy was hanging around the docks
100 metre high Stormy Lake Bluff, you can hike up to the Fire Tower
Paddling Stormy Lake

There is a really nice, small beach area across and to the right of the boat launch and we like to stop there and have a rest.  There is a back country campsite right beside the beach.

Clint testing the waters
Clint took this photo of me by our canoe

We did a couple of trails while here.  They have several trails;  Fire Tower Trail 4.1 kms; River Trail 1.2 kms, Rangers Point Trail, 860 m, Angels Point Trail 2.8 km, Gibs Trail 8.1 kms.

The photo below is where you can park your vehicle.  It’s on the river and straight ahead are trailheads and behind is the Fire Tower trailhead.  This is the small portion of the river you would have to portage to get from one lake to the other, but it’s a very short portage.



Spotted this guy on the side of the road, cute little Grouse


We had a campfire one night and made some awesome S’Mores.  I’m sure everyone knows what they are but……if you don’t……..Take a marshmallow and put on a stick and hold it over the fire until it’s nice and browned.  Then spread Nutella or chocolate bar pieces on a graham cracker, put the hot marshmallow on and then another graham cracker.  There you have it………  We love using Maple Flavoured marshmallows.


Restoule is a great park, we went outside the park and did some touring around also.  We drove down to the Government Docks and Sand Lake Road just checking out the area.

So why do we like this park?  Well, this is our kind of park due to the canoeing you can do and the wildlife we see.  Last time we were here, we saw a ton of deer, they were all over the place.  But sadly, none this trip.  Restoule Lake is bigger and a little busier to paddle but still nice.  Stormy Lake has different areas to paddle to so that you can see things; the Bluff, a Dam, the River and different other routes they have in their park brochure.

So that’s that for Restoule, hope to get back here again.

Tomorrow we are off to Marten River Provincial Park !

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    1. Thank you! I believe he is a common garter snake. I stood over top of him, didn’t want to get too close! It’s actually a Great Blue heron, the other guy. He was so entertaining, we sat in our canoe a very long time watching him! Thank you for reading😊

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