Who is Trum and Why Does He Travel?

Banff, Alberta

I have had questions about TrumsTravels, how did you pick your website name and more importantly, who is Trum? 

Trum was given to me by my friend Denise way back when I was still working, I’m retired now. Long story short……….I had to have emergency surgery and I was off work for a week. When I returned to work, she was kind enough to bring me a stuffed monkey and a Tim Horton’s coffee! Denise is a very caring and thoughtful person and I really appreciated it.

So, I put him in my car to take him home and I don’t even know why or how but he ended up in our pickup truck and has stayed there every since. We named him Trum because TRU for the first three letters of truck and M for the first letter of Monkey. How clever is that? Okay maybe not clever at all but the name suited him and that’s his handle for all time!

My friend Denise giving me Trum and Trum is giving me a cup of Tim Horton’s coffee! This was in August 2013…………Thanks Denise !

My husband and I travel a lot and we both love photography. I had always wanted to do a Blog combining both of these interests. I put Trum and my ideas together and there you have it………TrumsTravels.com was born. I know it seems strange that an older couple drag this stuffed monkey around on their travels. But honestly, it is surprising how many people think it’s kinda cool and want to meet him. Plus he’s a great ice breaker!

I remember one year stopping at a Medicine Hat Brewery in Medicine Hat, Alberta. We sat at the bar and got chatting with the two young women that worked there. Trum came up in the conversation and they told Clint to go out to the truck and get him! They sat him on the bar and got a big kick out of him.

Trum at Medicine Hat Brewing Company

On the other side of that, one time we went into Trestle Brewing Company in Parry Sound …………we went in and sat at a table and perched him on the table, you know so he could look around. The server came over, took our order and left. Then I walked him over to the bar and sat him there and took a photo while two bartenders were behind the bar, and none of them………NONE…. even turned an eye or asked what I was doing or looked at me funny. So weird to get absolutely no reaction lol. I know if I was somewhere and an adult walked in with a stuffie, I would be either curious or calling 911.

So Trum goes wherever we go. The only holiday we took that he stayed home is when we went to India in 2019. I was worried I’d lose him plus he has no passport !

So there you have it, Trum’s story………… here are some photos of some of the places he has traveled to, not all places, but a good majority of them.

Yellowstone Park !

Beartooth Pass in Yellowstone National park

Sikanni river in British Columbia
Trum at the Beach, Presquile Provincial Park
Badlands National Park

So that’s that, Trums story in a nutshell. Hope you enjoyed his story and stay tuned for some photos from Algonquin Park and some of our other travels this autumn. We just returned last week so I haven’t had time to download my photos yet! But we did see a moose or two…………..

Stay Safe Everyone.

8 thoughts on “Who is Trum and Why Does He Travel?”

  1. Trum is quite the adventurer! That’s cute you even put him on Santa’s lap! We had a Flat Stanley project in elementary school where we had to take photos in different areas with a paper doll. What a fun way to share your experiences!

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  2. The best thing about Trum is you never have to stop for him to use the bathroom! What a fun way to write a blog. Your Alaska pictures brought back many memories of 5 years ago when we celebrated our 25th anniversary there, best trip ever. Thank you for sharing. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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