Algonquin Park, Mew Lake – September/October 2020; Part Two

So here we are again, still in Algonquin Provincial Park. We like to hike and there are so many great places to hike in Algonquin Park.

Below are some photos of a trail by Cache Lake.

Some spots along Arowhon Road and the old railroad line.

March Hare Lake

Canisbay Campground and Trum out for an adventure.

It’s interesting some of the things you see when walking a trail. We spotted some cool mushrooms and an old abandoned? canoe on one trail.

Another trail we took started out as an old road and then turned into a trail in the forest. At one spot, we saw some turtle nests. The nests were old and had been trashed by another animal. Most likely a fox or raccoon. We could see the egg shells scattered around.

This guy was on the wall at the Canoe Lake restaurant. Cute.

We like to do different trails throughout the Park, but there are some we don’t do as they are way too busy. Here is a view of the highway leading up to the Track and Tower trail. Crazy busy. This was during the Thanksgiving weekend. It normally doesn’t look this bad.

Below are some random photos of some of the hikes we do and some other parts of Algonquin Park. The photo below is described on maps as “Pond”, Clint and I named it Monkey Lake, one of my favourite spots.

Monkey Lake

We came across this sight while out walking. I guess it’s where firepits come to die.

I love Kearney Lake, we weren’t able to canoe there this trip but it’s a cute lake. And we saw a snake while walking around.

Some random mushrooms and pods. Mushrooms are so amazing, I can’t believe all the different styles and colours.

Source Lake Road is a pretty road in the fall to drive down.

Some of the trails we hiked needed some cleaning up. Sometimes you have to go under, over, around or through!

So that about wraps it up, just a few more random shots. Hope you enjoyed the photos.

Well another trip come and gone. But there is always next year.

Stay safe Everyone.

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