Prince Edward Point – Our Day Trip 19 May

Crabapple blossoms

We have been out doing so much photography this year that I got kinda backed up and have had a hard time catching up on my photos and editing. So this is from May when we went to Prince Edward Point a couple of times to see birds. Up at 430 and on the road by 515 a.m. or thereabouts. It is a pretty long drive and we wanted to get there really early. It was a fun day the last time we went. We always pack our lunch and some coffee and water and then off we go! Part of the road to the trails to see the birds is shown in the following photo.

Driving in
Trail Head
Trail Map

The trails are pretty nice and a good portion of it follows along the shoreline of Lake Ontario. I stay on the trails because this is really bad area for ticks. Thankfully, the couple of times we have been out here this year, neither of us got any ticks on us.

Looking into the woods from the trail

I stopped for quite a while to watch this bumblebee on the flowers. I was using my 70-300mm lens but still captured him pretty well. You can see his wings beating so fast! I do like the Bumbles as I call them.

Grey Crested Flycatcher
Yellow Warbler
Another portion of the trail
Northern Parula
Northern Parula
Northern Parula
Chipping Sparrow

As I mentioned, a good part of the trail goes by Lake Ontario and I could see this fishing boat out on the water. I liked the way the sky and water meet and the boat is all alone with the exception of a seagull. The next photo I did in Black and White.

Fishing Boat
Fishing Boat in B&W

The road driving in was lined with lilac bushes and the smell was incredible! We stopped on the way out so I could get some photos. I have tons more but I thought one would be plenty.


So that was that, we spent about 4 hours out there and then decided to head home. On the way home we passed this old barn and I love old barns so I had Clint stop so I could get out and take a photo and then of course process it in B&W.

Old Barn

So that was another great day, hoping for millions more lol

13 thoughts on “Prince Edward Point – Our Day Trip 19 May”

  1. My heart and eyes are full of beauty now. Thank you! They are all gorgeous. I have a thing for paths and roads as a subject and you captured some beautiful ones – of course, your photographer eye made them so. 😍

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