Aaron Provincial Park – Summer 2021

Trum and I in Dryden Ontario

Well now we are about a 19 hour drive from home or 1,850 kms! We have not camped at Aaron Provincial park before but we did drive through it once when we were up this way a few years ago. This is not a large Provincial Park but it’s well kept and we had a nice drive through site and it was quite large. Not large enough though that we couldn’t hear the campers 3 sites over discussing perogies lol. There are only two short trails in this park but there is canoeing on Thunder Lake where the campgrounds are located. This is also a good starting point to access several major canoe routes. We took a walk down to the river a couple of times to try to get photos of the elusive Kingfisher that was hanging out and also a heron. Clint saw a muskrat swim by but no photos of that quick little swimmer! We can really smell the smoke from the forest fires in Northern Ontario and Manitoba now and you can actually see a haze sometimes. The fires were really bad.

One day we drove into the town of Dryden and walked through a park and down to a suspension bridge. We saw a deer on the trail but not much else exciting. The small building below is in a park in the town. It was made out of pieces of residents old pottery, dishes, windows etc. It represents the basic elements of nature, Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and is comprised of over 18,000 pieces.

On the way out of Dryden, we passed their Visitor Centre and display. We had to get a photo of Trum of course!

There is Trum sitting on a bench under the Eagle

A few miscellaneous photos to send you on your way!

Well that’s another park down, on to the next one!

10 thoughts on “Aaron Provincial Park – Summer 2021”

      1. Cheers to that possibility! Let’s hope so. 🙏🏼🤞🏼Your travel shares are gorgeous, but yes, venturing wherever you want, safely, will be a grand reward. Best to you and safe travels, always.

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      1. Same here – we have a big snowfall tonight; really the first one of the year. I got a five-mile (8 km) walk in this morning, but will be shoveling instead of my morning walk for a few days. (I work from home, so I get my walk in before I start work, so no time to shovel and walk.)

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