Thunder Bay – Summer 2021, Part 2

So we spent about a week in Thunder Bay this summer and we were pretty busy every day. I decided to do 4 different Posts on Thunder Bay instead of one very long one, as I mentioned in Part 1, it’s one of my favourite cities. We drove to the Mission Island Marsh Conservation Area a couple of times, it’s a nice spot on Lake Superior. One visit, we spotted a mom deer and 2 fawns as we were driving down a road but by the time we stopped, they were gone. As we were leaving the Conservation Area, we spotted the 2 fawns alone down a dirt road. They were really cute.

  Apparently Thunder Bay is also famous for Persians which are an oval shaped pastry, fried and covered with pink berry icing. Even as I write the description, I don’t want one. We have tried them on previous visits and thought we would give them another whirl this trip so we stopped at the Persian Man Bakery to purchase a couple but I couldn’t even finish mine. Background info on the Persians ……. they have nothing to do with the Middle East. The story goes that apparently in the 1940’s an American WWI General, Black Jack Pershing, was traveling through Thunder Bay and visited this bakery. As a result of this, they named the pastry a “Persian”. I do not have a photo, I don’t even want to think about them lol.

There is the Thunder Bay Museum located in an old Police Station and they have displays on 3 floors. The day we went the Military Exhibit was closed, not sure why, but we toured the rest of it. They have a Discovery Centre and it was fun playing different games and learning things.

They have a small, but cute Conservatory, not many flowers but it’s free to get in, donations only. So I guess it’s not really free……. But we really enjoyed the flowers in the garden in front of the building.

Well I think that is enough for today! Next Blog Post will be Part 3 of Thunder Bay, stay safe.

9 thoughts on “Thunder Bay – Summer 2021, Part 2”

  1. Interesting and funny info about the Persion pastries. 😄 The two fawn are adorable and the colors of those photos is stunning, and the vibrant colors of the flower photos took my breath away. Lovely! 😍

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    1. Thank you Michele! It was funny about the fawns, we had noticed them with their mom on the way to the Conservation Area and when we left, she was nowhere to be seen. She must have been hiding as they were traveling around on their own. Oh those Persians! And yet they are so popular…

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  2. I got really behind in Reader and you’ll be ready to do Part Three. I enjoyed seeing he two fawns – so sweet. I saw my first fawn this past Summer and it’s mother left it alone and went into the water for a swim and a bite to eat. The fawn posed this way and that and I had a wonderful time and I think I floated all the way home! I’m guessing the Persian pastry was sickening sweet? I am not a big fan of pastries with icing either – too sweet. Guess we are sweet enough!

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    1. Fawns are so sweet, I love to see them. I’m glad you enjoyed your first sighting, maybe you’ll see the fawn again. Yes! The Persian was Very sweet. Well the icing was and the donut was just a plain glazed donut. I can’t even think about I lol 😆 I prefer pastries like scones myself.

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      1. Yes, I was content to stand there awhile and look for it … the Mama had time to have a swim, a bite to eat and she had to peek around the bushes and it saw her and loped off. So sweet. I like a cake donut or cruller or scones – my late mom used to make scones. I’d much rather have that than something with a lot of icing or sickening sweet.

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