Thunder Bay – Summer 2021, Part 3

Well I’m still writing about Thunder Bay! We did so many things here that I’m probably not going to write about everything. Here are a few places we went to…….one was a drive to Pioneer Village which is something right up my alley, not because I’m old but because I love history. So we checked the website for day and hours it was open and off we went…. only to find it closed. There were a couple of people there who were unloading some items so I asked them about it. They told us it was closed because of Covid, which I understand, but please update your website! So that was a bust and then we decided to go to the Duke Hunt Museum, well guess what? We did a fair bit of driving to visit these two locations and this museum was also closed due to Covid and their website clearly stated they were open, so that was a lot of driving for nothing.

On to the next spot! A placed called the Cascades Conservation Area which we really like and there are trails through the woods leading to a river with cascades. We walked the trail and ended up at the river, clambering over some rocks to take photos. It’s really pretty here.

McKay Mountain is another spot we went, it is located at Fort William First Nations but we decided not to go as you had to walk up the mountain (maybe 30-40 minutes) and someone (not me) was having issues with their ankle.

It was really smokey and hazy in Thunder Bay from the forest fires in Northern Ontario. They are having a really horrible time this year, much like British Columbia.

We also drove out to Chippewa Park; they have camping, beaches, trails etc and they also used to have a wildlife sanctuary which appears to be closed down now, which is so sad. Last time we were here, we walked through it and they helped give homes to, and look after, quite a few animals. I vaguely remember reading an article about them not having enough operations money. There used to be an old carousel there as well but we didn’t see it this year, the spot where it used to be is empty. Maybe they scrapped it or have it somewhere fixing it up.  I know they were raising money to restore it.

Thunder Bay has an Aviation Museum , which didn’t open until later so we ended up not going in as were heading elsewhere. 

Trowbridge Falls is another cool place to visit. It’s a Municipal park with camping and trails and has a great water spot.

There is a lot to do in this City and one of my favourite places is Fort William which we spent a few hours at. We have been to this Fort before and I would go back again. It will be my next Blog Post so stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “Thunder Bay – Summer 2021, Part 3”

  1. This sounds like a wonderful time away – because I was so behind, I got to read part two and three tonight. For a minute, I thought I might have been to Thunder Bay when you mentioned Pioneer Village, but Googled around it was Upper Canada Village that I visited as a child. The nice Summery photos, like in the last post with the flowers and everything is green, took me away from the cold and wintry weather – thankfully we’re not just entering Winter, but slowly creeping toward Summer.

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    1. Oh that’s right! There is the other Pioneer Village, I haven’t been there for years and years. I can’t wait for Spring/summer. Our weather has been odd, one day -20 something Celsius and then up to +4, we don’t really have any snow either which is also odd 🤔

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      1. I was young and have a photo of myself standing in front of some oxen and a cart. Me too – I’m no fan of Winter … a poor excuse for a Canadian. 🙂 Same here for our weather, bitter cold two days, then Springlike. Tonight we are going down to 0 F (-17 C) – brrr.

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      2. Oh well, we have other attributes. I went out this morning to the Detroit River. It was frozen in parts and looked amazing with the sheets of ice laying on top of one another and the waves were frozen in place. But it was very cold down there and my hiking boots are lug-soled, so good for ice and snow, but not fur or sherpa lined. I usually can stay out longer, but today with a “real feel” of 6F (-14 C), I came home early. 🙂

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