Ivanhoe Lake Provincial Park – Summer 2021

We drove through the city of Timmons to get to Ivanhoe Lake Provincial Park.  We had site 84, very sandy ground and it was a pull through, with no privacy.  We were not on the water but we could see the lake as it was such an open area. They do have tons of other sites that are more traditional sites. We drove around the park to see what it offered and noticed it takes 8-10 minutes to drive to the Park gate from Hwy 101 and you also pass a lot of private cottages, kind of like Rene Brunelle Provincial Park.  The closest place for gas is the town of Foleyet which is about 12 kms away.

There is Ivanhoe Lake and Saw Lake to paddle and Tech Lake has a trail to it. 

We did spot some grouse in the Park.  We walked the 1 km Quaking Bog trail, it was an okay trail.  There are still lots of mosquitoes here, why? lol  

We spent one afternoon at the beach and it was really nice. You can walk about 150 feet out in the lake before it gets deep. We were walking from the beach back to our site and a couple of Quebec Biker dudes stopped us, we had watched them ride their motorcycles to a site just down from where we were swimming, anyways, they started talking to us about skinny dipping.  I must look friendly, we always have random people come up to us and start normal, and sometimes not so normal, conversations with us. lol

Near the entrance to the Park there is a bridge/dam and a dirt road running parallel to the river. We drove down the dirt road and took a walk around when the road ended.

It was funny, one afternoon we were driving down to the lake and we passed this couple setting up, they had just got there, and I said that looks like our friend Lewis! and sure enough, it was Lewis and his wife Janice who live just south of us, so funny running into friends so far away from home and so randomly.

We were sitting out by our campfire one evening around dinner time and a man walked by. Clint recognized him right away, he was the same man who stood on the shoreline and chatted with us while we were in our canoe at Kettle Lakes Provincial Park. He was from Mississauga and was a Freelance Lighting technician. He had worked on shows like Master Chef, Rick Mercer and The Boys. We had a great conversation with him.

This park is very well maintained  and so are the trails, the Dog Beach and Day Use Area. 

I can’t remember which hikes I took this on but here are some random forest trail photos.

Well that is that, next stop Wakami Lake and then two more Parks and then we are home at which point we need to get ready for our 3 weeks in Algonquin Park!

11 thoughts on “Ivanhoe Lake Provincial Park – Summer 2021”

  1. Saw Lake is gorgeous. Glad you got to see that! 😆Did you ride a seasaw while you were there? Sorry, I couldn’t resist. A wonderful green escape – thank you for sharing. 😍


  2. Awww….Ivanhoe Lake was so different years ago…before Covid, before the government wanted to shut down this provincial park….thankfully, the people who love the park fought for it!
    And by the way…the mosquitoes and blackflies are there from April until October…permanent residents, ya know!

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  3. So many nice hiking trails – makes me long for warm weather to get here. It’ll take a while to get rid of the sogginess and mud first before heading out. Funny the bikers talking about skinny dipping, having just met you! And imagine running into others you know where you least expect it. You packed a lot of fun into last Summer.

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      1. I”m looking forward to nice weather. We have a warm week, but rain off and on. The calendar says the first day of Spring is on Sunday, but I wouldn’t count on it feeling or looking like Spring. 🙂

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