The County – A Day Trip

It has been almost spring like where I live although long term forecast says more snow. We need spring! I love this time of year, I feel like all the birds, waterfowl and animals are coming out and stretching their legs/wings/whatever. Young fox kits will be out and about soon and bird migration, just a great time of year. Speaking of foxes, I did spot this fox the other day.

I do love foxes
Another look back

Now on to my story……….this past Thursday we took a day trip to The County, about 30 minute drive from our house. What is ” The County” you may ask? It’s an island called Prince Edward County, with a lot of little towns and villages, with Picton, Wellington and Bloomfield being the 3 most popular and well known towns. So us locals usually refer to it as “The County” for short. It’s home to Provincial parks, bike trails, beaches, wineries, breweries, awesome restaurants, and more.

It’s a very popular place, we stay away on the weekends but like to go through the week. This trip we walked along Lake Ontario and took a trail in Sandbanks Provincial Park, stopped at Fosterholm’s and bought some maple syrup, took photos of some ducks and swans and ended up having a great lunch at Matron Fine Beers. We also stopped in at a couple of other breweries to take some home. We were running low and we both like Craft brewery beer so I guess it was ultimately a “beer run” lol.

We stopped at a spot to photograph some Swans, ducks and Canada Geese.


Sandbanks Provincial Park

Fosterholm’s Maple Syrup place

We have been to Matron Fine Beer a few times before, I really like it. They have an outdoor sitting area and quite a lot of room inside. We were the only ones there except for the winery cats. I do love the winery cats and/or dogs. There were two cats here and one took a liking to me, as I did to him. He lay beside me on the bench I was sitting on the whole time we were there. The lady asked if she wanted me to move him and I said Nope, this entices me to come back more often. We don’t have any pets anymore, I have had numerous dogs and cats but since we are traveling so much now we didn’t get any other pets when our last one passed on.

I forgot to mention that we stopped at the Agrarian Market in Picton, what a great little pastry shop and store. Lots of unique food items and their croissants are delicious!

Agrarian Market

We also stopped at Prince Eddy’s Brewery to pick up some beer, they had some seasonal Maple Cream Ales. And a quick run into Midtown Brewery, oh yes and a quick stop at Wellington Bakery. A pretty full day, plus other stops here and there to take photos.

If you ever get to The County, you won’t be disappointed.

8 thoughts on “The County – A Day Trip”

  1. This was a very busy trip for you guys, I love how the dog stayed with you. It knows who loves dogs! It’s too bad that the big hotel is gone, seems like a great place for one. The photo of the swan taking off is beautiful, you can in this photo where humans learned to fly. Its long neck and wings being slightly to the back remind me of a Regional Jet, or RJ. Beautiful photos!

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    1. Yes it was a long day, we’re getting old and should do shorter trips now lol. Yes a lot of big hotels along Lake Ontario have been taken down, it would have been great to see them in their heyday. Yes they do remind me of a jet too!

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  2. I enjoy traveling with you on your wonderful adventures! This spring observation made me smile – “stretching their legs/wings/whatever” – a sweet and descriptive visual. How fortunate to see a fox! The first photo looks like he/she is smiling for the camera. The winery cat has a good life! 😸 So do you two! 😁 Thank you for sharing. Your posts brighten my day!

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    1. I didn’t mention in my post but the fox is a female! And she was by her den, we were fortunate enough last year to see her little ones, I did write a post about that. Hopefully she will have another bunch of kits this year. I do love a good winery cat! or dog…. Thanks Michele 🙂

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      1. Oh, I do remember the fox family. Yes, hopefully she will have kits again this year. So cute! I was very excited to see a fox in the wild in southern Arizona, years ago. You are welcome. Thank you!

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  3. Another great walk Susan and the ice and snow on Lake Ontario is so picturesque, especially on a sunny day. Your up-close picture of the Mute Swan and the angle you shot it from behind make a great picture and I like your action shots of the swan as well. I’ve got some similar fluffing out and stretching pics coming tomorrow – the swans look twice as big when they start with the wing flapping. I have never photographed a swan in flight – they are big birds, yet look so streamlined. I love the look on the fox and I’ve never seen a fox either – those are both great close-ups of it. There is a light/lamp store I go to and they have a beautiful Irish Setter that greets you when you walk in and kind of follows you around the store. It’s a small store and so it makes friends with each customer like they’re long lost friends. 🙂

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    1. Oh I love Irish Setters, such beautiful dogs. We used to go to a bookstore that always had a cat lounging around on the piles of books, it gives such a warm feeling to have a cat or dog wandering around. Yes swans are a fair sized bird aren’t they? And they can be mean lol

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