Wakami Lake Provincial Park – Summer 2021

So we are back to 15 Celsius and below! Brrrrr. We have not been to Wakami Lake Provincial Park before and I really like it here. We drove through the town of Chapleau and stopped for gas. Tip: you stop for gasoline whenever you see it when you are traveling up North. Chapleau is the closest place to the Park to get gas and it’s an hour drive away. So to get to Wakami Provincial Park, take 129 South to hwy 667 and then Wakami Lake is 21 miles down a paved bumpy road and then another 7 km on  a mostly gravel bumpy road to get to the Main Gate. Phew…… And just for interest, it is about 800 kms from where we live or about a 10 hour drive.

We had a beautiful site right on Wakami Lake, not one of the nicest sites we have been on but the view was great. So this lake is 35 kms long and also offers Interior camping, or backcountry camping. We had a welcoming committee, a bunch of ducks hanging around the shoreline at our site. This park has very poor Cell Service/WiFi, you have to go to the Parks Store to use it, and also no electricity sites in the Park. I don’t mind no electricity, it feels more like camping. They have four trails, 1 km to 2.5 km, but two were closed while we were there. Canoeing and kayaking on Wakami Lake and they also have backcountry sites.

Entrance to the Park, no one is at the Gate

They have a nice Day Use Area and while we were there (and we were the only people there) we saw Bald Eagles, Sandhill Cranes and Canada Geese having some fun. No photos sadly, they were too far away. This is a big fishing area/park and they have fish cleaning stations here as well. I would venture to say we were the only ones not fishing.

Fish Cleaning station

 One day we drove back to Chapleau for some groceries and gas, closest place for both.  The very small town of Sultan is somewhat close (35 Kms away) but they have no stores or gas stations.

There are a couple of nice trails here, although some were closed due to storm damage. We did the Beaver Meadows Trail, only about 1.7 kms and this trail needed trimming back and there were so many trees cut down and then just left where they lay. The trail did not get closer than 50 meters to the water but there were some very pretty, mossy spots.

They have a Logging Trail and it was an okay trail, not long at all but a very informative walk. They combined a hike with displays and information on the history of the Park. There was lots of construction taking place and some displays were rotting or falling down. So sad because it is part of our history and actually quite interesting. I hope they aren’t letting it go permanently.

We spotted a Northern Flicker but he was too fast for us and our cameras! We also had an interesting experience when we were sitting at our site having a beer and watching the water, which can be mesmerizing. So I was sitting by myself, Clint had went into the trailer to get something. I noticed two dragonflies flying together and then they landed on the table where my drink was. I called to Clint to bring cameras because I thought they were making little dragonflies but Nope. The one was eating the other one. You could literally hear him chewing the other ones head off. The sounds he made were incredible. So he chewed the head off and a bit of the body and then flew away.  Needless to say, that dragonfly did not get up again. A tad gross but also very fascinating. I did not know they ate each other, maybe they were rivals? So these are photos I took with my IPhone, Clint didn’t bring my camera out lol.

We also saw some Grouse as well as lots of ducks and although they have bear issues here, so they said, we did not see any bears.

We did drive just outside the Park and just before the gate was a nice spot that we stopped at a few times. We kept driving and just outside the gate we found an old dirt road that we drove down to see what was there.

Down the highway a ways, I think we were on the way to Chapleau, we spotted these signs on the side of the highway.

So that was our time at Wakami Provincial Park, I really liked it here, I don’t know why. Probably because we were in the middle of nowhere lol. But now it’s on to Fairbanks Provincial Park!

8 thoughts on “Wakami Lake Provincial Park – Summer 2021”

  1. Lots of lovely photos in this post, the park looks beautiful. I had no idea that these cute dragonflies are cannibals! Yuck. It’s so interesting that the rivers all flow to the Atlantic or to the Arctic! And, I agree that you better get some gas wherever you see a sign for it! You are basically in the middle of nowhere which is nice.

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    1. It is nice, I love being in the middle of nowhere! lol This park was definitely beautiful and yes the dragonflies kinda creeped me out, I had no idea. Well I guess I did have an idea but to actually witness it, and you could hear him chewing, that was the worst part!

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  2. That is chilly! I think it was over 80 degrees F. here today. Feels like spring! I like your tip on stopping for gas when you can. That is getting painful! 💵 Beautiful photos. Strange dragonflies. 😕 Safe travels!

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  3. I liked your campsite with the private shoreline and your own ducks Susan. 🙂 I love ducks too, always sociable and good for taking photos of, as they don’t fly off the handle like geese or swans. Trum does get around doesn’t he? I liked both of your pictures near the sign for the Atlantic watershed. I hope they preserve the logging equipment and don’t let it rust any further as it is a nice historical tour of a logging camp. Interesting big equipment that they used. The dragonflies – ugh. That behavior surprises me as much as when I learned not to put hummingbird feeders too close to bushes because praying mantises can hide and attack hummingbirds – the mantis decapitates the hummingbird. Having never seen a praying mantis, I was horrified and amazed at such a feat.

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    1. I loved that campsite! It was such a lovely spot and the ducks were very friendly. haha yes Trum does get around, we get a kick out of him. It makes me sad to think that all the displays will be left to rust and rot, hopefully they maintain that trail and all the displays, its’ a great part of history. Yes I was shocked about the dragonflies, eating each other like that, gruesome indeed. I didn’t know that about hummingbirds either, poor little things.

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      1. Trum is a cutie – makes me smile. Yes, the logging machines/apparatus would be as interesting now as 50 years from now. People like history that they see and touch and learn about that way. Nature is cruel and gruesome sometime … sometimes you just can’t “unsee” things either.

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