Fairbanks Provincial Park – Summer 2021

Steps going to the beach from our site

The drive to Fairbanks Provincial Park was on a bumpy Highway 667 and then on to a bumpy Highway 129. A good part of the drive was parallel to the Mississagi River. We didn’t find much to do in this Park, one short trail and the lake. Not really a Park for us but at least we have been here and know what it’s like.

A beautiful drive alongside the river

We also drove through the town of Iron Bridge and Massey. We left Highway 129 and turned onto Highway 17; there was a lot of construction so we probably lost about 40 minutes of driving time. We had to take a long and winding road to this Park when we left the highway. You have to be careful because there are not any signs until you are about 10 kms from the Park. Use your GPS! This is an okay Park, set on a huge lake. The water sites are all really good, quite big and pretty private. The in-land sites are like a KOA campground, a few are okay but mostly they are not. We were driving around the Park to get familiar and we passed one trailer and their room slide was off the trailer and sitting on the ground beside it. They had garbage bags taped over the big opening. So horrible for them, we found out that a huge tree fell on their trailer and literally snapped the room right off. A nightmare for any camper. I still think of them and wonder how they made out.

There is a nice Day Use area and Boat Launch here but no Dog Beach and the WiFi sucks, as per normal.

Well one more Park to go and then we head home. We are heading back to Grundy Lakes Provincial Park which is the first Park we went to on this trip.

4 thoughts on “Fairbanks Provincial Park – Summer 2021”

  1. It sounded like a winding road with bumps, but peaceful and pretty at the very end. That sounds horrific with the tree accident and the RV – what a situation to be in and hopefully not any rainstorms. One more post on this trip you said … you sure have been covering a lot of ground!

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