Algonquin Park – Canisbay Lake – Autumn 2021

Canisbay Lake

Canisbay has campgrounds on it, a lot of sites right on the water. They also have a nice beach and boat launch area. We usually launch at the beach.

I like to paddle on Canisbay Lake, it’s a nice size lake. This time, we paddled to the end and stopped at Polly Lake Portage, which one day we are going to walk! I think it’s about 2600 metres from this lake to Polly Lake.  But today we didn’t do it, we stopped for a bit and then we paddled down the right side and stopped at a piece of land with another pond on the other side. 

Paddled to the creek and saw 3 mallards who swam right up to us and a single loon was in the middle of the lake. 

As we paddled along the beach area, a merganser was there so we got some nice shots of him.  We got home and decided to bike to the Cascades, no one was there!  Nice spot.

Another day down, well we did more than this but I’ll write about it in another post!

Have a great day.

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