Local Area Shenanigans – Stout Festival in The County

We haven’t been out too much, errands and appointments is about all. We need to get out more and do some snowshoeing or crosscountry skiiing, something! I haven’t even picked my camera up for ages. But last weekend we went to a Stout Festival at Prince Eddy’s Brewery in Prince Edward County which was a lot of fun. Except for the fact I don’t drink Stout beer lol.

Saturday 21 January we headed to The County (Prince Edward County) for a Stout festival. Outdoors they had a food booth, oyster bar, campfires and inside they had all the breweries and live music. It was free entry but then you had to buy tickets for the beer. Thankfully at the McKinnon Brothers booth, Flyby Brewery booth and Prince Eddy’s booth I was able to snag small cups of a non Stout beer. The glasses were probably about 4 ounces each so not a lot. Breweries that were there, if I can remember them all…

Prince Eddy’s Brewery, Flyby, MacKinnon Brothers, Chronicle, Slake, Matron Fine Beer, Town Brewery, Gillingham Brewery, Focal Brewing Co, New Ritual Brewing, Fine Balance, Daft and All My Friends. Food booths were The Summer Wind PEC and the Sand And Pearl Oyster Bar. Okay, full disclosure, I don’t like oysters either lol. But all in all it was a nice afternoon.

It was a lot of fun spending a couple of hours here, hopefully they will have it again…… minus the Stout lol

4 thoughts on “Local Area Shenanigans – Stout Festival in The County”

  1. Looks like fun and I like the photo of you and the flamingo! I decided to go to see the ice sculptures before the Trenton Winterfest opened, but it was just brutally cold. My fingers were frozen 10-15 minutes after I got out of the car, despite wearing two pair of gloves – it was a 0 “real feel” which is -17 for you. I got some ducks and geese on the canal and called it done.

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