Driftwood Provincial Park – July 2022 – Part 3

So if you can’t have fun with a stuffie when you’re in your ’60’s when can you have fun?

While we were in Driftwood Provincial park, we were pretty close, sort of close, not really close, to another part of Algonquin Park. It was about a 75 minute drive and as close as we were going to get this summer. Clint had been wanting to go to this part of the park to see the Brent Crater ; the crater is about 450 million years old and goes down about 1400 feet. For some reason, probably because I watch too much Science Fiction, I thought we would see something big and deep and barren. But no….. It was literally a walk through the forest which they said was 2 kms but was actually close to 4 kms and you don’t SEE the crater hole. I mean I guess in retrospect it had 450 million years to fill in and look normal but like I said, I watch too much SciFi. lol Anyways it is a huge indentation in the ground which is better seen from their lookout. From the trail you just seem to go down and then up etc. So not exciting from a visual perspective.

We also drove down to the campground which we don’t think we have been to before but aren’t entirely sure.

That was a great day and it’s exciting to see new places and learn new things. Wherever Clint and I travel, we always find things to do. We rarely sit around our campsite, well at beertail hour we do, but other than that we are always out and about. We like to check out the area around whatever park we are at, you never know what you might come across.

In the next post, I’ll tell you about two non-operational Provincial Parks we drove to while staying at this park!

See you later………..

13 thoughts on “Driftwood Provincial Park – July 2022 – Part 3”

  1. You can never watch too much Sci-Fi, Susan! Trum looks like he is having a great time. This is a beautiful park, I would love to walk it! How are the parks non-operational? Oh, I’ll wait for your next post!

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