Driftwood Provincial Park – July 2022 – Part 2

While staying at Driftwood Provincial Park, we drove to Deep River, maybe a 20 minute drive. We stopped at the School House Museum and spent about 2 hours there. I love places like this, so much nostalgia. And I love how they say antiques when I still have at home, or remember my parents having, some of these items! lol

We also went to the Clock Museum. Yeah I know right? Sounds kinda boring. Well I’m here to tell you that it was not, we were probably there 2 hours or more. The place was amazing and we were the only ones there so the owner took us on a private tour of the place and shared so much information. It was well worth the visit.

So my next post on Driftwood Provincial Park will focus on a day trip we took to see the Brent Crater.

Until then…..

15 thoughts on “Driftwood Provincial Park – July 2022 – Part 2”

    1. I loved it too, I thought I would be bored haha but I sure wasn’t and it was like walking back in time. Yeah the sewing machine instructions crackd me up too, they sure did think differently back then.

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  1. This entire blog post looks like a lot of fun to visit these places. I also never know whether to b amused or offended when things are passed off as antique and I clearly remember them, in fact I did a Wordless Wednesday post a few years ago on my birthday saying just that. An antiques store opened and I looked in the window – “antiques” and things I had played with or some still in the house. How quaint this little store is – love it! I am going to send you a separate comment about a video of a moose shedding its antlers. I saw it on Twitter, but searched for it and found even more about this viral video shot by a drone and follow-up by the photographer. I will put it in a separate comment so it doesn’t go to SPAM.

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  2. I love visiting old school house buildings. We have places that they made into a small town like a broom making, weaver, candles etc. Then they perform the art in each of the buildings. The clock museum had a lot of clocks! Thank you for sharing your pictures❣️

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