Restoule Provincial Park – July 22

We have been to Restoule Provincial park a few times, I love the canoeing in this park and they have some trails to do, one almost killed me lol. There are about 6 trails to hike and 3 lakes and a river to paddle. As for wildlife, being a wildlife photographer, there wasn’t a lot. Ducks, deer, loons, herons that kind of thing but I got some nice shots of some Mallard ducks. We usually paddle right by Mallard ducks but these guys were entertaining and the lighting was right.

We had a pretty good site. There are 3 campgrounds, Putts Point and Bells Point Campgrounds have private campsites without electricity. Flush and vault toilets, laundry facilities and showers are available in Putts Campgrounds. Kettle Point Campground contains the parks 97 electrical campsites. We have stayed in all the campgrounds at one point or another but this time we were in Kettle Point.

We did a lot of paddling on Stormy Lake and we did Restoule River a few times, it connects Stormy Lake to Restoule Lake. The river is a fantastic area to spot herons, loons, mergansers and more. There is not a lot in this area outside of the Park so we mostly just stay in the park when we are here.

Paddling photos

One of the trails we did was the Fire Tower Trail, it’s a killer. Well maybe not a killer, I survived to talk about it but it’s a bit difficult at the end. Clint was fine with it, so it’s probably just me lol.

In closing, how about a random photo of Trum sitting by the river?

Next stop, Arrowhead Provincial Park…..

8 thoughts on “Restoule Provincial Park – July 22”

  1. Funny … I was going to remark on one of your last posts that I worried Trum fell out of your backpack again. 🙂 Glad to see he is alive and kickin’. I think it looks like a rough trail with the rocks which would be slippery – they look shiny to me. I like the Mallard shots … they posed nicely for you. The deer with her tongue hanging out – very cute!

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    1. I will never lose him again! lol I can’t believe he fell out of my backpack on another trip. It was a super rough trail and I almost didn’t finish but I thought well I’ve come this far and I had a rest at the top. Those mallards were cute and the lighting was so good that day

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      1. Your hikes are rougher than mine, although I did get lost in the woods at Crosswinds Marsh a few years ago and spent some anxious “hours” until a woman walking her dog helped me navigate back to Square One. It was a sickening hot day on top of it.

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