I am not a fan of big cities……having said that, I do love Toronto, population 6,372,000 people AND Spiderman as shown above. We went to my son’s for a visit and to celebrate his birthday. I won’t say how old he is because I cannot possibly be old enough to have a son that old haha. Okay, he turned 39 but I’m only 43 so figure that out……….(joking…. I am not 43)

We drove there Saturday morning, about a two hour drive and picked them up and went to the Science Centre. We hadn’t been there since my son was in his early teen’s. We usually go to the ROM, (Royal Ontario Museum) because we all love that museum and it’s not far from his house via transit but we thought we would change things up this trip. We will not be going back to the Science Centre for the forseeable future…… kids and more kids. which we knew but seeing it is different than thinking it lol

There are a lot of hands on type activities in this place and it really is geared to kids, for the most part, but still some interesting stuff.

We did watch a very interesting IMAX movie called Dinosaurs of Antarctica which we all enjoyed. We were there a couple of hours and then back to their place to change for dinner.

We had decided on the Keg Mansion for dinner so off the four of us went. The Keg Steakhouses are Canadian but are located in the USA as well. This particular Keg is pretty unique, set in an old mansion originally built in 1867 for Arthur McMaster, nephew of Canadian senator and banker, William McMaster. In 1915, the building was bequeathed to Victoria College, a federated college of the University of Toronto. In 1976, The Keg repurposed the building to serve as a restaurant. The food and service is probably some of the best I have experienced and you can’t beat the location.

We did drive past the ROM, a place I love, next trip we’ll get there again.

We had a great time with my son and daughter-in-law as we always do and can’t wait to see them again.

We always enjoy our time in Toronto, there is always so much to do and it’s a beautiful city. If you haven’t been to Toronto and you get the opportunity to go, please do!

See you soon….

13 thoughts on “Toronto……..”

  1. I remember visiting Toronto in the early 80s, what a fun trip. The science center was so cool too. Looking down at the pavement from atop the CN Tower is unforgettable. Canada! ❤️

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  2. You had me laughing from the get-go. Thank you for that! I understand about not believing the age of your child. I get it! 😂 Toronto has a greater population than Phoenix metropolitan. That is getting up there! Cities offer opportunities, including getting out of there. 😁 Life is about balance, I suppose. Great post!

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  3. I haven’t been to Toronto since 1990, so I would likely not recognize anything. I went to the Art Gallery to see the King Tut exhibit in November of 1979. I really enjoyed that and I took a coworker with me to Toronto in 1976 for a week’s vacation. We stayed at my grandmother’s house, about three or four miles from Downtown (she lived at Dundas Street W and Landsdowne) and I mention that because we took a Greyhound bus from Detroit to Toronto, knowing the great transportation system and the TTC was on strike that week – sigh. We hoofed it to the Exhibition twice as we had tickets for Chicago and the Beach Boys and hit all the attractions like the Needle, Ontario Place, Casa Loma and Downtown Shopping – we were exhausted and the strike was over the day we went back home. It’s a great place to visit. I don’t have a current passport, so I cannot even cross the border to visit my homeland.

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    1. Wow you got a lot done! I remember seeing Chicago in 1973 at Ontario Place, great group. Yeah that’s the problem with big cities, there is always someone on strike. But it is a pretty easy city to get around.

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      1. Some college friends and I used to get tickets for a Summer series for lawn seats at Pine Knob, an outdoor venue here in Michigan. We always saw Chicago and the Beach Boys in that series – they were great as everyone knew all the songs. There is lots to see in Toronto and you don’t need a car. It was recommended I get a new Canadian passport before I have to renew my green card in 2015, which may make renewal easier. I had to return to be fingerprinted with ink and go to the police station to verify I never got in trouble and had lived here for ten years … I have lived in the same house since 1966.

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