Algonquin Park, May 2023 – Part One

Well we spent two weeks in Algonquin Park in May and they were terrific! The bugs just started coming out about 2 days before we left, specifically black flies and they were coming out fast. We had a very relaxing time and saw quite a lot of wildlife. Lots of moose, beavers, foxes, Pine Martens, ducks and a bear, well the back end of a bear anyways. As I was picking up my camera, Clint and I both said there’s a ………….bear…………gone. I almost had a photo lol.

The weather was pretty good, a little chilly the first week. We arrived there 14 May and it was one day that week that it snowed a little overnight and was below zero Celsius. And we had rain for 2 nights, 1 full day and a morning so that was not bad at all. We also had some temperatures going up to 22-23 Celsius which was awesome. I am so slow to download, sort through and edit my photos so I am just putting a few on this post and I will have to finish up later as I have lots of stories to tell you. But here’s just a small samplin’ of what I photographed.

The Bull Moose above is going to have an awesomeset of antlers come the Fall when they are at their peak. They are a fair size for this time of year.

I forgot to put one of my Pine Martens on here, so here he/she is!

I hope you all are having a great summer and enjoying the weather. See you soon and stay safe.

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