Duluth, Minnesota

dscn4289When we arrived at Duluth, Minnesota, we chose Indian Point Campground to stay at.  We had a great site, #66, at the back of the park.  We met the people next to us, they were from Indiana and had the cutest little dog named Murphy. This campground was conveniently located to everything; it was a great spot.


So here we are in Duluth and wouldn’t you know it?  They have breweries so I guess its gonna be one of those days !  Off we went to Duluth and stopped at the Bent Paddle Brewery.  Our taster flights were pretty good I must say.  Then we drove over a bridge that actually took us into Wisconsin; so we could hit the Thirsty Pagan Brewery.  We had a pizza there with our taster flight.  The pizza was a deep dish fantastic pizza !

Al ,next door to us in the campground, told us to go to Hawk Ridge as there are supposed to be raptors there (not the Toronto basketball ones, the flying ones)  So we drove up and hiked around a bit but we didn’t see any.  A whole bird watching group of people were there so we got to visit with some people.  Beautiful view from Hawk Ridge.

They have a nice waterfront in Duluth.  We walked all around there and saw the Aerial Lift Bridge.  I was fascinated by that bridge.  It was built in 1905  and apparently is one of the most photographed landmarks in Duluth.   A clearance of 180 feet is attained when the span is completely raised. The span length is 386 feet and weighs approximately 900 tons! The bridge is very similar to the only other one of its kind in the world, which is in Rouen, France.  And I could have sat there all day watching the boats/ships go through.  Truly fascinating, for me anyways !

We walked over to the Vikre Distillery and tried vodka, aquavit and whiskey.  I am not a liquor drinking person as I’m sure anyone reading my blog is aware lol  But it was okay, it was a unique building so we simply sat and enjoyed the drinks.  We went through a couple of other stores including a chocolate store and then on to the Superior Maritime Museum.  This museum is free and there is a lot to see, now I have a rhyming blog !

Fitgers is another spot we went to; great history to this building.  They have a spa, stores, restaurants, brewery and an Inn.  We had lunch there and it was quite good and so was the beer tasting flights.

They have an Aquarium; Great Lakes Aquarium and we spent a few hours there.  they have lots of exhibits and displays to enjoy.  Great place to visit; especially if you have kids.

Little Angies Mexican restaurant  is a great spot to eat !  They have a nice patio to sit on or obviously you can sit inside.  Terrific food and we left there just as stuffed as our burritos were.

One evening in our trailer, we were reading and relaxing and about 9 o’clock we heard a huge crash !  Clint went out and met up with Al (next door) and they saw that a long trailer was coming in and as he rounded the corner by our two sites, he hit a tree, took his slide out and broke all the windows.  It was horrible and I guess they must have left because first thing in the morning, they were not there.  I felt so bad for them.

We enjoyed Duluth MI and I would certainly go back to this area.  Lots to do and people were friendly.


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