Porcupine Mountains State Park, Michigan

lake of the clouds

We left Duluth, MI to head for Porcupine Mountains State Park.  We stopped at the Greater Michigan Tourist Centre, in the middle of nowhere !  Huge, wonderful building with an observation tower, museum, gift shop etc.  Just a very neat place to spend some time. Then on to the Porkies !(as they are referred to) and to Lake on the Clouds. (pic left)

We were at site 62 and it was kind of like KOA camping. Not much privacy where we were, just lined up in little rows ! front to back.  We bought a Recreation pass for $9 a day or $31 per year.  We bought the annual pass; no different from our National Parks. People here are friendly, we met two young girls camping behind us.  Camping seemed to be new to them, Clint went over to help them with their camp stove and we also helped them with their fire.  They had a hard time getting their fire going so we gave them some fire starters and kindling.  They were nice girls and we were out hiking when they left so they left us a note and the rest of their firewood.  Some other couples walking by stopped to chat and we really enjoyed our time there.

One day we drove to the Visitor Centre and then on to Lake of the Clouds.  Lots of trails to hike in this Park.  You have to drive around to get to the trail heads but they are nice trails.  We went to Presquile Falls, which was a really nice spot for photography, however the sun was out good and strong when we were there so not really a good time to take pictures.  But we enjoyed it nonetheless!  We also went to Overlooked Falls and Greenstone Falls and hiked both of those trails.

We went into Otonakan one day, a little town in the area.  We stopped at a bakery, of course, for some donuts.  They have a cute gift store there where I bought a small hooked rug with 2 moose on it.  Actually not really a rug, more the size of a place mat but really well made and I like it.  We did enjoy this area and would be nice to go back.



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