Brighton Photo Group – Field Trip, October 2018


We belong to a couple of Photo Clubs, well maybe four but whose counting?  One we rarely go to, so I suppose we belong to three in reality.    The Brighton Photo Group organized a day trip for last Monday and even though it rained off and on all day, who cares? we went anyways.  There were only nine of us that went out but we had a great day with a lot of fun and a good lunch and what more can you ask for on a nice autumn day.

Our first stop was at Huff’s Wineries in Prince Edward County.  We haven’t been here for quite a while, years ago we used to come here for dinner.  Chef Michael Hoy was the chef at that time and we really enjoyed his menus.

Huff’s Wineries is a big place and includes a winery, art gallery, restaurant, and a huge outdoor area called the Sculpture Garden where they have all different kinds of sculptures and art.   We spent probably an hour there wandering through the gardens and taking photos.

He looks like he is made from winecorks
This is me being artistic lol  I am taking a photo of myself in this reflection mirror


They had a number of these in the field in the back of the garden, of course I would gravitate to them


My main focus for photography is wildlife but I am trying to branch out by doing other types of photography.  I do have to say I do not enjoy it as I do wildlife photography.

At one point,  I went in the Art Gallery and actually liked some of the pieces.  I took a couple of photos before heading back outside.

This piece intrigued me.
Unusual and I liked it

Later on, it started to spit rain a bit so Clint and I decided to head into the winery and sample some wines.  We each tried three; I tried white and he tried red.  They were okay, we didn’t buy any but we enjoyed them.

We left Huff’s Estates and went down the road and across the street to eat lunch at Schroedters.  They make all their own food; breads, soups etc.  A husband and wife team own and run it and they are pretty busy.  The lunch was good; mostly soups, salads and sandwiches but that’s a great lunch menu.  They had 5-6 different soups to choose from and several sandwich choices.  They sell other items, gift items, homemade pickles, homemade breads and pastries,  etc.  Cute spot.

Off to the Alpaca Farm, called SHED Chetwyn Farms, .  I love these guys, what characters they all are.  Super cute faces and each with their own personalities.  It was raining somewhat when we got there and while we were there but who could resist the opportunity to stand outside in the rain and photograph these guys?  Look at these faces !

These guys are so fun to watch
This face……………
What are you looking at?  Seriously………….what?

After that we headed to Closson’s Chase, another winery.  It was really pouring rain by this time so we all went inside and looked around.  Closson Chase is situated in a huge barn with, of course, a tasting room.  They have a lovely outdoor area and it’s quite quaint.    We chatted inside for a bit but then we all decided to call it a day.  The rain was not letting up.  The day turned out better than expected (weather wise) and we always enjoy ourselves with this bunch of people, so hopefully another day will be planned soon.

The last part of our trip we were supposed to go to the Grange Winery which is a lovely spot but another day…………………

So we headed home but made two stops, one at Campbell’s Orchards to get apples and another stop at Gilmour’s Butcher shop.  Two other favourite places of ours !

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