Ontario Provincial Parks – 5th stop …Kap-Kig-Iwan Provincial Park


This is also a park we have not been to before.  Kap-Kig-Iwan  Provincial Park is located about 200 kms north of North Bay by the town of Englehart.  Set in a valley, the Englehart River plunges down rapids, cascades and waterfalls.  This is a small park with two campgrounds; Pine Grove with electricity and Aspen Crescent.  They do not have a lot of staff here so normally there is no one at the Gate.  We had our reservation so we just went to our site and set up.  The sites in Pine Grove are pull throughs, no privacy and none are level.  We had to use every block we had to get our trailer level.  We even had to put blocks under our steps for them to reach the ground !   But we managed.  We had to park our truck at the back of our trailer because the firepits at each site are located almost in the front end of the site next to them.  They do not have a store at this park.  Englehart is very close to this park if you need groceries, gas or alcohol.

Main Gate
Cute Map
Our horribly crooked site lol
The Falls
Another view
Head down the other direction and you can walk along the river the other way

We spotted a family of 3 otters and a beaver!  All swimming around together.  This was dusk and they were quite a ways away so the photos are meh, not so good.  I am not even posting the photos I took of the beaver.

Three Otters

In the photo below, I think you used to be able to walk across this bridge to the other side but they had it closed off.  The bridge was pretty wonky and not safe.

Walking Bridge


They have a few trails here, we decided to do the Hell’s Gate Trail which is only about 2.5 kms.  It follows the river and you go up out of the valley and at the beginning of the trail you can see the falls and cascades.  We came to a fork in the trail and right would have taken us to the road but we decided to go left and we did part of Uplands Circle Trail.   We spent a lot of time walking along the river, both ways.  This is a lovely spot.



We took a drive through the Aspen Crescent Campground (no electricity) and there were only two sites with people on them.  We stopped here and there on the road as you could access the river.  We did a few stops and made our way on trails to see what we could see, we’re nosey.

Campground Road
This is where we walked down to the river 


We did the Look Out Trail and we didn’t see much, as per the photos below.

Trail up to the Look Out
The Look Out building
The View………..nice trees
Miscellaneous Flower
View from a Look Out.  They have a couple of Look Outs

We traveled around the area a few times, into Englehart and a few other communities.

We stopped at Earleton and spotted the biggest buffalo ever !


We decided to drive to find another waterfalls, outside the park.  I can’t remember the name of it and I didn’t write it down but all the roads were closed to it.  We spotted a field of sheep and their lambs, so cute.  So of course we stopped to get photos.


We then went to search out a waterfall on the Misema River, called the Eighty Foot Falls, it was located at the Misema River Generating Station.  (north of Englehart) We had to drive down a very narrow, bumpy, generally speaking crappy road!  Quite steep at times, use at your own risk lol.  At the bottom was the generating station and the falls.  It would have been a more scenic spot without the hydro station !



On the drive back out we stopped at this swampy area, I thought the trees looked cool.


We spent some time in Larder River Provincial Park, this is a day use only, mostly boat launches.  No camping or picnic sites.  It’s a beautiful spot.




A friend of ours, Tina told us there were Bald Eagles at the Hailybury Dump.  We usually go to dumps to look for bears so we thought this would be interesting.  We’re up for anything, sadly when we got there we saw only seagulls and crows.

Tina also told us about  Hilliardton Marsh  We went there a couple of times, it’s a nice spot.  The water is pretty swampy though.

Hilliardton Marsh
Hilliardton Marsh
Poor little ducks swimming in this stuff
Hilliardton Marsh

Where we parked our truck, there was a ton of wildflowers and insects.


Tomorrow we are heading back home so we will be stopping at Marten River then Arrow Head again just to break up the trip.

4 thoughts on “Ontario Provincial Parks – 5th stop …Kap-Kig-Iwan Provincial Park”

  1. Thanks for the memories. I love Kap Kig-Iwan. we always went there to take photos. We also go to Earlton to use the Scotia Bank (closest one around the area). Our cottage is just north of Englehart about 1/2 hour. There is a fork in the road. Take it right to go to Kirkland Lake or left to Kinagami (I think that is what it is called). Our cottage is just past the fork going to the left. Crooked Creek is the bridge where the cottages are. Thanks for sharing. Miss going up there; but will go up again next Summer for a Funeral Service for a few family members. We are putting a few of them all together in one event for the family gathering.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I didn’t know you had a cottage up there we could’ve went down the road and taken some pictures for you. It’s a nice area for sure. That buffalo at Earleton made us laugh. 😊


  2. Great to hear you enjoyed it just the same. It used to be a beautiful park but has fallen to the wayside. It actually went private for a few years but has since become provincial again. The water was so low for you! Those falls are gorgeous when the water is higher. Love that place when I was younger. We used to do the trails on the other side of the bridge all the time and hang out on the rocks above the bigger falls. The bridge wasn’t kept up so they closed it because of the danger it posed as well as erosion around it.
    Funny you saw the buffalo! When they first made that thing there was a zoo behind the RV place. People used to go out at night and paint the privates on the buffalo neon colours. Lol You used to be able to get the best buffalo burgers there!
    I also recently was told it’s rare to see the eagles during the summer at the dump but they are there in the winters! Glad I’m heading up there in a week. Homesick!! The sandhill cranes are all over too migrating so I can’t wait to shoot them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love Sandhill cranes! We saw a lot when we were up north last year. Too funny about the buffalo and neon painting! I can’t get over how big he was. They have a couple of little campsites beside him and I think they are free to stay at.
      We enjoyed the park and we were wondering about that bridge because it’s pretty dilapidated. But it would’ve been great to get over on the other side too. That’s interesting to know that the water levels were low. Still a nice spot, we enjoyed our time there. It was also funny to see the beaver and the three otters in the river all together. It was pretty dark and I didn’t have my big lens with me. Too bad the dump didn’t pan out. Clint and I usually go to dumps to see if we can see bears 😄 we like to drive around and go down little side roads and back roads. That Larder Lake provincial park is pretty nice, lots of spots to put a canoe in. And thanks for the tip about Hilliardton Marsh, we went there twice 😊


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