Ontario Provincial Parks – 6th stop …Marten River (Again!) Provincial Park


So we are on our way back home now and because it’s a long drive, we decided to break it up a bit.  So we are stopping at Marten River again.  The photo below is the main Gate, really nice staff working here.  This is a fair sized park, you have to cross the river to get to the campgrounds.

View from one side of the bridge 
View from the other

We had site 134A, normally when they have numbers, there are two campsites that generally share a driveway.  This one did not, the site next to us  was right on the river.  The boat launch for this area was literally a 30 second walk for us, great for putting in our canoe.

Main Gate

We paddled the river again, a couple of times.  One time we went to the right and headed to the area that we could see from our walk the last time we were here.  We saw a few little ducks but that was it, pretty nice area.



One day we went for a drive outside the park, heading to places like Field and then we stopped at Gateway City Brewery  in North Bay.  We didn’t stay for a beer, we just went in and picked up a few cans to try.

Field, Ontario
Gateway City Brewery

The next day we paddled back to the marshy area we like.  This particular day we spotted two otters playing and a beaver!  Sadly they are way faster then old people with cameras.  But the photo is still in my head, it was fun to see them.

Our little marsh area 

We also paddled the other way under the bridge and into another lake.  There is a dam at the far end so you can’t go further but it was a nice spot and we also saw another beaver, he was also super fast and super stealthy.  He dove and did not come up again!  We usually will sit and watch and he was nowhere to be seen.  They had some lovely water lily’s and lots of frogs.

Water Lily
Mr Frog hanging out on the pads

Below are two photos showing one of the beaches and one of the boat launches.

Boat Launch

We also took a drive to Kenny Forest Provincial Park, this park is not for camping, it’s a non-operating park but it’s pretty nice.  We also drove down a side road called Wicksteed Lake road (Crown Land) and ended up at a boat launch that was very nice.  It would be nice to paddle in through here one day.


This park was VERY quiet, both times we stayed here.  We couldn’t believe how quiet everyone was.  There was only one afternoon, while at this site,  that someone did play their music loud for a couple of hours.  It wouldn’t have been such a big deal but it was COUNTRY for crying out loud, how about a little old Rock?  Or Motown or Metal?  lol

The photo below is taken from our campsite.  The row going on the left are all horizontally  parked trailers.  The first driveway to the right is the boat launch, pretty close to our site!


Leaving for Arrowhead next and then home……………..

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