Grundy Provincial Park, Summer 2021

We went on a “Grand Tour” of Northern Ontario this summer; both Northwestern and Northeastern parts. We ended up staying at 17 different Provincial Parks and one KOA Campground in Thunder Bay. Driving about 8500 kms, 5000 kms of that we were pulling our trailer. The rest of the kilometers were driving down old logging roads, a bit of off-roading and enjoying the different towns and cities we were staying near.

We left the 8th July and the first stop was Grundy Provincial Park for a few days. We also stopped here as our last stop on the way home staying from 1-7 September. It was of course, a rainy day but a bit of rain now and then doesn’t hurt us. We have been to this Park a few times and it has always been one of my favourite Parks. I have to say, the roads in this campground are the worst of any Provincial park we have been to. I mean, all the roads, not just one or two. In Algonquin Park the roads in Lake of 2 Rivers Campground are bad but here, it’s the whole park! There are lots of campsites, 9 campgrounds and 3 group campgrounds which are home to approximately 475 campsites. They also have a few interior or back country campsites. This would be a great spot for beginner back country campers to start their camping journey. There are several beach areas, two dog beaches, lakes and trails to explore. One of my favourite lakes to paddle, Pakeschag Lake, is now closed off to vehicles as they made it into a hiking trail. We did paddle a few of the lakes; Grundy, Gut, Gurd and Clear Lake. When we were on Grundy Lake, we pondered climbing a beaver dam and heading into Bucke Lake but decided not to bother, not sure now why we didn’t. It wouldn’t be the first time we have climbed over beaver dams dragging our canoe with us, maybe next time.

The trails here are all unique. We really enjoy the Swan Lake hiking trail which is only about 2 – 2.5 kms long.

There is a store called Grundy Lake Supply Post just outside the park. They have everything you need (hopefully) and also a take out burger place. We did have lunch there one day and the food was pretty good. There isn’t much else in the area, Parry Sound is about an hour drive away and is worth the trip. One of my favourite things to do in Parry Sound is to go the Bearly Used Book Store. I am an avid reader and I always spend a couple of hours in the store, leaving with a ton of books. Best book store ever, anywhere. Trestle Brewing is also located in Parry Sound and there is always a huge lineup to get to their patio to dine. It’s set right on the river and their food is pretty good. We didn’t want to wait so we just bought some beer to take back to our trailer. Just beside this brewery there is a small park and they had beautiful flowers in the garden along with tons of butterflies, too good an opportunity to pass up!

Well that was the first couple of days of our trip…… More to come!

Stay safe everyone….

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