Opeongo Road – Algonquin Park, Autumn 2021

We have spent a lot of time on this road. When you get to the end you come to Opeongo lake and there is an outfitters/store there and you can rent kayaks/canoes. Opeongo lake is a big lake, we have done a few back country trips from this lake but we always rented a Water Taxi to take us to the end of the lake. There have been a couple of drownings on this lake which is sad and it’s mostly because of the winds which can be quite harsh and make for some decent whitecaps when paddling and that can be dangerous no matter if you are experienced or not.

We saw this little guy near the docks and he was playing with a piece of strapping that someone had dropped in the lake.

We are usually more interested seeing what is along the road, there are lots of water spots, Costello lake, marshes, etc. We used to, years ago, see lots of moose on this road but not so much anymore. This one day I spotted this little bird who I believe is a White Throated Sparrow. He was having a great time eating some berries he found.

Some views of one particular spot that I like and is a very popular spot to stop at.

There is also a heron that usually hangs out on this road, I do love a nice heron photo!

Here are a few more of my photos of some other wildlife friends along the road. Oh and one flower photo!

I am not a birder so am not very familiar with different types of birds, it’s usually a struggle for me to figure out what kind of birds are what. My memory cannot remember all the different types. I do have a chart I use but it wasn’t very helpful this time!

Hope you enjoyed my photos.

9 thoughts on “Opeongo Road – Algonquin Park, Autumn 2021”

  1. I like seeing the Great Blue Herons too. There is one in my park where I walk daily, but he’s so skittish, that he sees me and takes off screeching. He’s so skinny, compared to your heron. I like your birding diagram. I don’t know a lot of the birds, just the most common ones (kind of like wildflowers).

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