Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area

Two different days this past week, Clint and I were up at 430 a.m. and headed off to Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area in Prince Edward County. About an hour drive to get there, but with coffee and a muffin, didn’t seem too long!

There weren’t not as many birds here as the same time last year. Unfortunately we are heading out to Algonquin Park on Sunday for a bit so we were limited on what days we could go but there is always next year.

Just a few shots that I took…..

So we had nice mornings even though we didn’t see a lot. Next year we will stay home in May and go a few more times.

Stay safe everyone and enjoy the beautiful May weather, so far….. lol

8 thoughts on “Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area”

  1. Beautiful bird photos!! We always call the Turkey Vulture a Turkey Buzzard. Mr. Bunny is sooo cute! I’m sorry you didn’t see as much as you guys wanted… Happy May, aye!

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      1. I’ve seen John comment on another blog I follow. I thought of following him, but I am so behind in Reader now. When I think of buzzards, I think of the Wild Wild West. 🙂

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