Algonquin Park – Spring Trip – Loons and Longairey Lake

I really like Loons, they are always entertaining and I love the sounds they make. We paddled down the East River into Pog Lake which is where these guys were, one was taken on another day.

We walked to another lake we had not been to before, we were able to drive a short ways and then parked. The road was not bad until it started to go up a hill and there were huge boulders on the road so we opted to park and walk.

6 thoughts on “Algonquin Park – Spring Trip – Loons and Longairey Lake”

  1. It’s a very good thing that you stopped, that’s the good part of the road? I’ve seen roads like that in Michigan as a kid hunting deer with my dad. Loons are such beautiful birds, your photos are wonderful! ❤️

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    1. It really helps to be in the front of a canoe to take these shots. Loons are so photogenic and they are always doing something entertaining. Thank YOU for reading my posts, I appreciate it Michele!

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