Algonquin Park – Fall 2022… One Merganser and One Loon

One day while paddling a lake, we spotted a cute little loon by him/herself and a Merganser, also alone. They are very photogenic and we love both of these guys.

We saw both of them a few times on different parts of the lake and in different lighting. I think this particular day we were out paddling 3-4 hours.

Mergansers are super cute. Before we knew their real names, we used to call them Punk Ducks as they always seem to have some hair sticking up on their heads. That was years ago but now we know their real names, yet still call them Punk Ducks!

So another short post and I hope you enjoyed the photos. Take care

11 thoughts on “Algonquin Park – Fall 2022… One Merganser and One Loon”

  1. I am far behind in Reader Susan, (like a week and I know you had a moose post), but I had to stop here before scrolling down, down, down to comment on this Loon post – as I said, the moose, Loon and Mergansers (I love that you two call them “Punk Dunks”) are my favorites. Such a pretty bird and the wing span on the ducks in incredibly big – the stretching photo is so funny!

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