Some Miscellaneous Wildlife….

Still posting about our trip to Algonquin Park , it will be never ending lol. I still haven’t looked at my photos from the summer. Moving on…… one day we went to paddle down a river and spotted some Mallard ducks. The photo above I call Bottoms Up! They were all too busy eating to pay attention to us.

We spotted otters a few times but I am not a good Otter Picture Taker. For some reason I have issues with otters, and seagulls. I think it’s my camera lol. Anyways, here are 2 otter pics that turned out okay but not great. Followed by a photo of a beaver, the only one we saw in the Park this trip.

And some random photos of a few other fellows/gals I spotted…

So a couple of the above photos, one of a turkey and one of a heron, I left more landscape/scenery in the photo when I did my edit. I usually crop so you can see the animal but I am enjoying seeing more of the environment that they are in so have changed things up a bit…… for me anyways.

Until next time…..

12 thoughts on “Some Miscellaneous Wildlife….”

  1. Incredible wildlife. Your photos are amazing! I enjoyed your descriptions too. I never see otters, so your image is a rare beauty for me. 😄 Your intro reminded me how behind I am with downloading/organizing my camera card. A task that got away from this year.

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    1. Thank you Michele, I’m always so happy when people enjoy my work. Photography seems to be a never ending task! Taking photos, going through photos, editing, sorting…..I should have taken up lawn bowling haha

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  2. I’ve never seen an otter nor a beaver Susan, so it was nice “meeting” them here. I have seen the handiwork of the beaver(s) at Lake Erie Metropark which amazed me – huge trees felled by beavers and the park does not try to trap and relocate them. I may have mentioned that to you last year when you were navigating a big beaver dam in your canoe. The dabbling ducks and swans with their feathery butts in the air always make me smile. The Canada Geese always have a regal look to them as does the heron. The ravens look like they’re having a conversation. We had a lot of snow in the western part of Michigan the past few days and someone posted a video on Twitter of a group of wild turkeys running through the snow – snow was past their knees (if turkeys have knees) and they were moving pretty quickly. Someone quipped “they are running away so they don’t become someone’s dinner!”

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    1. Beavers are pretty awesome little critters, I read somewhere that they cut down about 216 trees a year, per beaver. Now who followed the beavers around to count the trees? lol I always wonder sometimes how they get their statistics. We see a lot of otters in Algonquin Park but it’s not so easy to get photos, they are very fast and skittish, like a lot of wildlife. I think you have more snow than us, but right now, (Saturday morning), we are having a blizzard. We are getting snow a lot earlier this year than normal and quite a bit of it. We didn’t even have our trailer put away until yesterday and we had about 6-8 inches of snow on the ground. I’m not ready for the snow yet!

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      1. We had some snow last night and a wintry mix. I stepped out this morning to potentially walk after I shoveled snow and did a big slide. So, no walk – I shoveled, ran the car and came back inside to write this week’s posts. It was a wind chill in the teens. I don’t like this early snow either, especially when 10 days ago it was balmy! We have mink at Lake Erie Metropark, though I’ve never seen them, though I’ve seen small dark images moving under the ice in the marsh sometimes.

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