Algonquin Park – Fall 2022…On the way to Bracebridge

When we stay in Algonquin Park we quite often venture out to other cities, towns, communities to see what’s going on. We like to go west of the Park to Huntsville and sometimes on to Bracebridge. Bracebridge is a really nice town, population approximately 17,000. I had read about a pub so of course, we had to go and check it out. The name of the Pub is The Griffin Pub, it’s over 100 years old (used to be a law office) in a little alley and hard to find! We drove through town twice before we saw the small alley, called Chancery Lane, leading to the restaurant. Finally we found a place to park and walked to the alley and up the alley until we came to the Pub. (photo above is the alley and the restaurant is on the left)

We had a great lunch and tried some beer and had an enjoyable time. It’s very unique, inside and out.

I had also found out that there was a Brewery downtown as well so after lunch we walked back down the alley to the downtown core and took another side street to Katalyst Brewery. I love the old building it is in and we were happy to stop in and try some beer.

Then we decided to drive around the area and saw a sign for a place called Wilson’s Falls so we decided to stop and take a walk along the river. The waterfalls were lovely (but small) and the photos were better from across the river than they were after parking and taking a walk.

Last stop before heading back to the Park was High Falls and Little Falls a place we have been to before and it’s quite a great spot to hike around.

So that is that…………nice area if you are in the area lol. See you soon…

12 thoughts on “Algonquin Park – Fall 2022…On the way to Bracebridge”

  1. This looks like a fun little town to visit, quaint and with a kind of Old World flavor to it. I like the pub – how unique it is on the outside and inside as well and that food looked tasty. I had to look twice at the outside with the ivy-covered walls and all the flowers. Imagine a law office 100 years ago and in good shape now and the rustic wood is such a nice touch. That brewery looked fun as well. I have a photo of me at about four or five in front a friend of the family’s cottage in Huntsville. I have heard my mom mention Bracebridge, but I don’t recall going there before we moved here in ’66.

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    1. That is so cool looking at old photos, I wonder where their cottage was located. Yes that building was certainly unique! They still had the old walk-in vault there also, pretty interesting. We have a restaurant in our area that used to be an old bank and the vault is big enough that it has seating in it!

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      1. I wish I remember where that cottage was in Huntsville, but I wasn’t that old and we didn’t keep in touch after moving to the U.S. in 1966. Oh, that sounds fun about sitting in the actual vault. We had a restaurant in downtown Garage that had real cars converted to booths where you had to open the door to climb into the booth. Very cool, but sadly out out of business – they took a deal /buyout when Cobo Hall was expanding.

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