Bonnechere Provincial Park – July 2022, Part 1

This was our first time at Bonnechere Provincial Park and we enjoyed it. It’s only about a three hour drive from where we live. There is the Bonnechere river to paddle (which I talk about in the next Blog post) and Round Lake. There is a great beach area, a store as well as rentals of canoes, kayaks, SUPs and also Coracles! What is a coracle you say? It’s a small one person boat and was originally named in Welsh. They were used over 2000 years ago in the UK for fishing. I should have tried one, next time I see one I shall. Pretty sure I’ll fall out though lol Photo below.

They have a really nice beach area at Bonnechere Park as shown above.

The beach is set on Round Lake and right across the lake is another Provincial park called Foy. Foy Provincial Park is closed down but you can still park outside the park entrance and walk in or paddle over from Bonnechere Provincial Park. (across Round Lake)

This park, from what I understand, was primarily a Day Use area and it has a beautiful beach. I don’t know why this park is closed. Bonnechere is always full and I am pretty sure they could fill this park too for day users.

Stayed tune for more to do in this area, this was a great area, we enjoyed our time here…… Till next time…..

8 thoughts on “Bonnechere Provincial Park – July 2022, Part 1”

  1. Ahh, to have that beach to walk on and trails and green grass … how we can dream about it by revisiting our photos. I like this park – very nice and I’m sure they do fill it up with day visits. I’ll forward to the follow-up post as well. I like that little lending library – very cute and also cute are those coracles which remind me of the sledding saucers we have here. Not sure I’d try it as I’d likely tip out of it and I don’t know how to swim. 🙂

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      1. I was never all that hot on a sled – tobogganing was big when I was a kid and many a time, the toboggan would be going one way, me the other way. I’d likely wipe out in the coracle!

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