Bonnechere Provincial Park – July 2022 – Part 2

We hadn’t been to this Park before so it was a first for us. It’s a nice park with canoeing on Bonnechere river or Round Lake. Although Round Lake is a big lake and was pretty rough the whole time we were there. We did paddle the river a couple of times.

Hope you enjoyed the photos !

11 thoughts on “Bonnechere Provincial Park – July 2022 – Part 2”

  1. What a beautiful trip you had here and I can understand turning back if you saw the whitecaps. I look at your Kingfisher and mine and quite the difference. 🙂 I was just excited to see one and now I see it up close with its wet and ruffled feathers. Speaking of ruffled feathers, I like the Mallard fixing his hair. I like the Chipmunk swimming across the river – I didn’t know they swam. I guess squirrels swim too? The reflections on the water are gorgeous. Something to look at and get you through the Winter doldrums. By contrast, here in Michigan, January 10th is the cloudiest day of the year. It has a counterpart – August 10th is the sunniest day of the year. (I wonder how they know these stats?)

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    1. The first time we saw a squirrel swim was about 15 years ago and we were astonished! We just stood on the shoreline dumbfounded but the last couple of years we have seen so many squirrels and chipmunks swim across rivers or narrow parts of lakes. I didn’t think they actually strayed that far out of their little areas to be honest. I mean squirrels/chipmunks are so small that it must be a huge trip for them to make! It’s snowing here right now, blah. We had spring like weather for a few days and the snow mostly left but it’s coming back and it’s been quite chilly, I think -9 Celsius right now which is 48 Fahrenheit or thereabouts! Yes it’s funny how they know all the stats about it being the cloudiest day of the year.

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      1. That’s just amazing to me – I know I did a double-take when I saw that chipmunk swimming in your post! I’ve often wondered where the Park squirrels drink as I’ve never seen them anywhere near the Creek and it’s not like there are any decorative fountains where they could drink from. I guess they dog paddle like a dog would. Interesting. We are supposed to have some snow tomorrow night but it’s been pretty mild so it may only go on the grass – that’s what they are saying tonight … yesterday and this morning they said a few inches. I often keep screenshots if we have odd weather as it may show up in a future post – that fact about cloudiest and sunniest day of the year blew my mind that it’s a set day every year.

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