Samuel du Champlain Provincial Park – July 2022 – Part Two, Floating down the River

ADD – I had accidently posted this on an earlier date but I want to keep things in order (for myself) so am posting it again for that reason. My apologies if you have already read this one

So Part Two of this Park and the highlight of the Park is the fact that you can use your floatie and float down the river, I did it a couple of times. Clint would drop me off at one spot and then he would drive down the river and wait for me to come out. He didn’t do the river which was probably good as he was having his back issues again and let me tell you, when you hit some of the rocks in the rapids, it hurts ! But I really enjoyed it and next time I will buy a better floatie to use. In the above photo, I am in the small red floatie next to some kids in a big blue floatie

This was a lot of fun for adults and kids. I saw kids as young as 2-3 years old going down the river, with an adult of course. I would buy a better river floatie to do this again. You can put in just about anywhere and go for as long as you want. You do have to get out where I did above as if you go much further you are out in a larger area.

So that was such fun and see you for the next installment as we go to the town of Mattawa………

8 thoughts on “Samuel du Champlain Provincial Park – July 2022 – Part Two, Floating down the River”

  1. I love rafting as you did! We did that in Michigan years ago on one of the small rivers. It does hurt a bit when your bum hits the rocks though. In your title you use “du”, what does that mean? I have no clue about speaking French. 😂

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    1. It means “of the” and the park is named after Samuel du Champlain who was a French explorer and key to France’s expansion on this side of the ocean. Yes you are correct France french is somewhat different than Quebec french!

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      1. I see, thank you for this! I’ve heard that French spoken in Quebec is different than French in France. I speak fluid, fluent English, that’s all! 😂👍🏻

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  2. Susan – I had to come back to this post as I missed it. My Reader was wacky one night and not displaying properly, so I closed out of it. Anyway, this was interesting and there are people that do the Port Huron Float Down every year. What they do is start on their floaties in Port Huron and float down the St. Clair River. A few years ago, there was a bad windstorm and heavy rains and blew a lot of the floaters off the 7-mile course and over to the Canadian side at Sarnia. Most of the floaters did not have I.D. with them – it didn’t go over well in Canada as they had to shelter there until the weather improved. Now the Customs Office advises people to take passports should they “stray”. It does look like somewhat of a bumpy ride on those rocks!

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    1. That’s a great story! I laughed a little but I’m sure the Customs folks didn’t laugh at all. I was scheduling my posts and on this one accidentally put 24 January and it should have been 24 February so now they aren’t in order! But I’m glad everyone enjoyed it anyways 😊

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      1. Customs was really mad at them. I think they piled some on a bus and brought them back with their deflated floaties (and deflated egos too I think). 🙂
        One Summer I wasn’t busy at work (the first year of Covid) and I was ahead a month or so on posts – that was great. My post tomorrow is from July 2nd – I am woefully behind.


  3. This looks like an absolute blast! Good for you two. 😁 We call it tubing here in the valley of the sun. I don’t enjoy it here, because the sun is too intense! I feel like I am a floating potato roasting in a pot of soup. 🥵 Beautiful photos!

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