Arrowhead Provincial Park – July 2022, Part One

Arrowhead is a Park just outside of the city of Huntsville and about a 45-50 minute drive to Algonquin Park. We have stayed here a few times, and to be honest, this is not one of my favourite parks. I know, shocker.

It’s okay and the park is big so there is a lot of places to ride your bike and there are a few trails, beaches and paddling but it just doesn’t quite suit me, not sure why. The above photo was taken in the Park, it’s a small waterfalls/rapids area where you can walk on the rocks, or sit on them, and continue on a hiking trail.

But we are close to Huntsville so we usually end up at Muskoka Brewhouse for lunch and maybe a beer. This is the Lake of Bays brewery restaurant and you can also visit their brewery in the hamlet of Lake of Bays. I usually don’t post photos of food but there’s always a first time!

Anyways back to the Park ! There are about 5 trails, we did the Mayflower trail this time and a couple of short ones. We have done other trails at other visits here and we do like the Beaver Meadows trail, it’s about 7 km. They also have beach areas and two lakes to paddle, Arrowhead and Mayflower lakes. They have a nice store and the campsites are all pretty big and private.

Next post I’ll take you to Burk’s Falls and to the Screaming Heads!

See you soon….

4 thoughts on “Arrowhead Provincial Park – July 2022, Part One”

  1. The Park is nice, the ampitheatre is interesting and the food made me drool. As I am ready to march off to bed, I’d stop to polish off that big sandwich if I could just reach into the screen and grab it. 🙂

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