Old Church Theatre – Sunday 9 September


Well back again to the Old Church.  This is a great venue.  No tickets were required for today’s show, it was a Pass the Hat event.  The group playing called themselves the Old Church Delinquents (OCD).  We have seen most of these guys perform before.  Rhett Wills on guitar, Ed Quinn on drums, Tim Campbell on guitar, Mike on bass and Steve on keyboards, (don’t know their last names.)

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Trenton Scottish Irish Festival – 8 September


The Trenton Scottish Irish Festival, or as I heard one guy refer to it as the Irish Scottish Festival, is an annual event held in Trenton, Ontario.  Booths, vendors, games, music, food and more !   We knew the Fiddleheads, a local band, was going to be playing at the Festival so we went down to see them and check out all the other activities.  It was a cold day, the day before was hot and humid and all of a sudden the weather took a turn and Wham !  cold and windy.  Maybe that’s why there didn’t seem to be a lot of people there this year.




We sat and watched the Caber Toss for awhile.  Man I don’t know how they manage to do that.  Pretty impressive.  In this photo it looks like he is throwing it at that car lol



We went to the other field and sat and watched some of the bands.  I love pipe music, always have.

There were some vendors selling all things Irish and Scottish !  Jewellery, weapons, clothing, information and more.  And of course food booths………

They have a beer tent which is where the music bands are playing as opposed to the Marching or Drum bands.  Farmers Market, which is located in Trenton, had a large food booth right beside the beer tent.  They were offering some great foods.  Scotch Pies with mushy peas, hotdogs, hamburgers, chili and Irish Stew.  I had a scotch pie and it was pretty good, not too keen on mushy peas though !!

The beer tent is where the Fiddleheads were playing and I like their music so we sat and shared a table with a nice couple from Kemptville and watched the entertainment.

In between songs, the different Marching Bands came in front of the stage and each did a tune or two.  I know 8 Wing band was there and a band from Ottawa and one from Glengarry.  They also at one point, gave out the prizes for the Caber tossing and not sure what else they were doing today, as we didn’t see everything.  I do have to say their webpage is not that great.  When I was writing this, I went on their website to see the names of the vendors and it only has an application for vendors.  On the Performers tab it still says details coming soon.  I know they have a Facebook page but not everyone is on Facebook and I would prefer to see everything happening on one page instead of dribs and drabs on Facebook.  But it was a nice time, even with the cold winds !



Our Day in the County – 1 September – Local Area


So our intent today was to go canoeing.  Note the word Intent…………..and we DID have the canoe on the truck.  So intent was actually there, more or less……………However, we got a little sidetracked.   We actually DID drive by water though so there’s that……………..




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Old Church Theatre – 20 July 2018


So it was a full house at the Old Church Theatre tonight !   We are seeing Hat Fitz and Cara.  He is Australian and she is from Ireland.  They have been touring Canada but heading home tomorrow.  And as usual we enjoyed the company and the beer !


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Old Church Theatre – Home of the Roy Bonisteel Studio


I have written about the Old Church Theatre under the heading Local Fun on my homepage of my Blog.  But I wanted to put it out as a independent Blog so people could read about this wonderful venue for entertainment.  This is, without question, one of my favourite places to go for entertainment.  The church is old and started in 1876 as a Methodist Church.  In 1994, Roy Bonisteel purchased, renovated and restored the building.  Today, Lesley Bonisteel and Brian Weston ensure there is a variety of musical entertainment as well as plays and other activities.  If you are in the local area, this is a place you must visit.

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Warkworth Lilac Festival – May 2018


The Warkworth Lilac Festival is held every year in May.   Warkworth is a cute town hosting several events throughout the year.  Art in the Park, Maple Syrup Festival, Pie Baking Contest and of course the Lilac Festival, to name a few.

They also have the Warkworth Lilac Festival Photo Contest, which Clint and I both entered.  You can enter 3 photos of anything and/or 2 photos of lilacs.  Entry fee is $30.  I did not have any lilac photos so I put in 3 of my other ones.  We went to the festival this year as one of my photos was selected as one of the 25 finalists.   The link for the Photo Contest (above) has a slide show of all  the photos entered, winners and finalists.

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Ghost Town Blues Band – April 6, 2017 Belleville Club

Last night we went to the Belleville Club to listen to a terrific band.  This band called Ghost Town Blues Band is from Memphis and they were asked to come and perform in this city.  How lucky were we?  These guys are great and I would go and see them perform again in a heartbeat!  They played for almost 3 hours and I’m pretty sure they would have played all night, they seemed to truly enjoy what they were doing.

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Maple in the County – March 2017


Maple in the County !  or as I like to call it – Maplelicious !   And by County, of course I mean, Prince Edward County.  This event takes place every year Saturday/Sunday.  We went Saturday morning; our first stop was Campbells Orchards .  We usually buy our apples here in the fall of the year; but today we had raspberry chocolate scones and apple cinnamon muffins !

Then on to Walt’s Sugar Shack !!  Clint took a photo of me with Maple Bear.  Yes Maple Bear, not Honey……Hey I didn’t name him !   It was a kind of drizzly cool day, well cold for me !   But that didn’t stop the crowds of people.

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Belleville Model Railroad Club March 2017


So this was something quite interesting.  A trip to the Model Railroad Club in Belleville.  It was pretty awesome !   200 feet of railroad track.  They even had little miniature traffic lights that worked !   A tiny little campground with trailers and even one little trailer with an awning.  I’m going to use the word “little” a lot here, so sorry about that!!

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