East Beach- Algonquin Park

There is a spot we like to put our canoe in for a paddle (us and a thousand other people haha) It’s called East Beach, just off Highway 60 in Algonquin Park.

This particular day we went there and started to get the canoe off the truck and we spotted a seagull at the launch and he was eating a fair sized fish. We didn’t want to disturb his lunch so we waited and photographed him. I know it’s a seagull but I like them and they are pretty fascinating to be honest. So let’s start with some seagull photos.

So we waited until he left and then off we went for our paddle. You can paddle to the right on Lake of 2 Rivers lake or go left and head down a little river until you get to Pog Lake. You can also do a short portage from Pog Lake into Whitefish Lake, which we have done, but not today.

We also saw Loons and Mergansers and a heron.

Hope you enjoyed my photos, take care….

6 thoughts on “East Beach- Algonquin Park”

  1. Wow, these photos are so beautiful! The Merganser has such a cool head shape with feathers on its head. Pog Lake looks so inviting and peaceful too. ❤️😎

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    1. Thanks John! I love the mergansers and yes there head is unique! Years ago, before we knew what they were called, we used to call them Punk Ducks haha. Pog Lake is a a great lake and there is actually a small channel to go to a second part of it.


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