Algonquin Provincial Park – Autumn 2021

I love Algonquin Park, one of my favourite places to go. Clint and I usually spend any where between 3-8 weeks camping here every year, it’s my place where I feel most at home. We know this Park pretty well, I don’t think there are too many spots we haven’t been to (along highway 60 at least). So last fall (2021) we were there about 23 days and it rained a lot with temperatures ranging from 8 Celsius to 15 Celsius, although, two different days it reached 20 and 21 Celsius so that was a bonus.

We were there so long I am going to break down our trip into several posts or this post would be super duper long. Most of the posts will be photos only so I hope you enjoy them.

We did lots of hiking, canoeing and photographing so I am going to leave you with a few of my photos to entice you to read all the Algonquin posts!

Stay tuned for more Algonquin Park!

7 thoughts on “Algonquin Provincial Park – Autumn 2021”

  1. I enjoy seeing your photos Susan. You don’t need a narrative, your photos tell us about the wildlife you see at this beautiful park. The moose and its calf was my favorite, though I enjoyed seeing the bird photos as well, especially the Chickadee, one of my favorite birds.

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