Algonquin Park – Madawaska River

Madawaska River

Whitney is just outside Algonquin Park and we spent a lot of time in Whitney along the Madawaska River, what a beautiful spot. This river is particularly spectacular in the Fall. We drove down Nipissing road about 9-10 Kms, actually Nipissing River Road.  (If you have read my Blog, you know about Algonquin Park, if not take a look, it’s an amazing Provincial park in Ontario, Canada)

Road BEFORE the really bumpy horrible road lol

We had stopped to fix my camera and two other trucks passed us.  We were a convoy, unintentionally.  Horrible road, a wavy road, so bad.  I was swaying back and forth and my knee was hitting against the door and I couldn’t stop myself. Clint was saying Stop It! Stop It! But I couldn’t and we were laughing so hard, it was pretty funny. He had the steering wheel to hang onto but I was just like a rag doll, so funny. I should have got some photos of this road! This road had lots of washouts, mini lakes and narrow spots.  At one point, we spotted a road going over an old bridge to a cabin so we stopped there for a bit and then kept on going.

Then we continued to the falls, the other 3 couples left their vehicles at the bridge and walked to the falls.  Not us! Our truck lives for back roads and we couldn’t deny him so off we went. There was one spot that was so washed out that Clint had to get out of the truck and get branches from the woods to lay across the road as there was a huge dip where the water was running. This is where we saw a beaver crossing the road in front of us!  So random. 

We were able to stop and walk out to the big cascades, they were lovely, wonderful spot.  The others caught up and one of the men had went back to get a truck, it was a long walk.  Some photos below of various spots on the Madawaska river.

There was a nice waterfall on the way back (due to heavy rain) 40 minutes to drive out, doing 10-20 kms an hour. 

Roadside waterfall

We also spotted a Mom Turkey and her young ones. I do love photographing Wild Turkeys, I don’t know why. I just find them fascinating.

So more Algonquin Park to come, this is a small part of one day and we were there about 23 days.

Stay safe!

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  1. Such beautiful country up there, wow! Your truck is a real trooper for handling those roads, I would always avoid roads like that living in Michigan. And here!

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