Algonquin Park – Moose on the Loose – Autumn 2021

Bull, Cow and Calf

Funny story, well I think so, I laughed for a 1/2 hour about this but then I laugh at anything. We stopped on the highway as we spotted a heron on top of a beaver house in the marsh. 

I got out of the truck to take photos and then the heron flew away and landed in a tree. A very nice couple driving a hearse (old one, very cool) stopped their vehicle on the side of the road also. They came and stood beside me and  “I said Can you see him?”  the guy said – No.  “I said, Okay see the red tree?  He is to the right sitting in the tree next to it”. 

I went back in the truck and I said to Clint, they did know I was photographing a heron right?  He said no they thought you were photographing a moose! haha Yes indeed in Canada our moose fly!!

See you next time!

7 thoughts on “Algonquin Park – Moose on the Loose – Autumn 2021”

  1. That is a funny story – imagine what they thought about flying moose (or is it meese?) You got great pictures of moose wading, swimming, crossing the street and posing. I’d say that was a great day!

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