Algonquin Park – Day Trip to Huntsville Ontario – Autumn 2021

River outside Huntsville

We always like to go to Huntsville when we are camping in Algonquin, great little town and it has been used in some of the Hallmark Christmas movies.  Below is a cute store we like to stop at on our way to Huntsville.

Right in Huntsville is a brewery called Canvas Brewery and we shared a flight of 8.  Nice place, beer was okay and they have a really nice patio outside.  After that we headed back to the Park but on the way we stopped at another place we like to go. A nice river and some cascades.

Canvas Brewery
Really nice inside
Nice river outside of Huntsville

Fall colours are the best

Huntsville is a really nice town, wish I had taken more photos to show. It’s a fair size place with lots to offer and some nice restaurants. A river runs through the town just before the downtown core, popular restaurants are set right on the river. It’s convenient for boaters too as they can come by water and tie their boats up right downtown.

Just outside of Huntsville is another Ontario Provincial Park called Arrowhead. We have been there a few times and it’s also a nice spot to camp or go to for the day but it is not one of my favourite parks.

This is a great area with lots of things to see and do. I have tons of other Blog Posts about this area. Check them out !

9 thoughts on “Algonquin Park – Day Trip to Huntsville Ontario – Autumn 2021”

  1. I remember going to Huntsville as a kid – perhaps a friend of the family had a cabin there? I know we did not go camping. We only went camping once, had a leak in the tent and that was the end of that. That little store looks fun with the harvest decor.

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