Moira River – August 2022

Well it’s been a while since I have posted anything. We were away in Northern Ontario for a few weeks and got home a week ago. Our cell service was non-existent to sort of existent. I have not even downloaded my photos from that trip, we have been so busy and this weekend we went to Toronto to see my son!

It was fairly cool weather where we were traveling but when we got home last weekend, it was a heat wave. We were at 40+ Celsius and that’s HOT! lol We went biking one day and I only went on the promise of stopping for a beer; even though it was quite hot we managed to bike a fair distance and then stopped for a Frozen Dacquiri. It’s a little cooler now, maybe 25-27 Celsius. Last Wednesday we were able to get out to paddle the Moira River, the river is located where we live. We were on the water by 830 and what a beautiful morning. Did I mention we were the only ones there? It’s one of our favourite spots to put our canoe in and it never disappoints. We saw several Green herons, Kingfishers, Blue herons, turtles, ducks, and one lone raccoon. I got one lousy shot of the raccoon as he was kind of behind me in the weeds when I saw him so I am not showing anyone that photo, we couldn’t back the canoe up fast enough!

The only bad note of the whole day was when we arrived back at the boat launch to get our canoe out of the water. There was a family, parents and three young boys, putting their SUPs in the water. I noticed the boys throwing something in the water, at each other and on the shore onto the rocks. I thought it WAS rocks they were throwing until we hit the shore. They were throwing frogs, live frogs. Taking them by one leg and flinging them around. I normally keep my own thoughts and comments in my head, that’s the best place for them honestly, but I could not help myself. I was so sad to see this so I said to the Mother, “Those are living little creatures you know” She told me “they are just kids having fun.” That made me sadder to hear that. I didn’t say anything else as I did not want a huge blowup and I don’t like confrontation but in retrospect I wish I had said more. But then I feel people with that attitude would not be receptive to change anyways. What is she teaching her children? Kids can have fun and still respect nature and wildlife, Kids can have fun and still have good manners, Kids can have fun and still not be mean or be bullies………etc etc etc. I said to my husband – People are why I drink lol

Anyways we had a lovely morning prior to that so that is what I shall focus on.

Here are some photos I hope you enjoy. I forgot to mention, it was not a good day for frogs ,generally speaking, we sat in our canoe and watched a Green heron eat a frog but that is different, it’s their dinner.

So that was that, hopefully we get out on the river again but we are going away again so maybe not for a while. Hope you enjoyed my photos and hope you are all having a terrific summer! As my friend keeps telling me, Christmas is just around the corner……………how annoying lol.

6 thoughts on “Moira River – August 2022”

  1. Great pictures and captions Susan – the look, almost startled, on the green heron in your header photo is priceless. I’ve never seen a kingfisher – great, up-close shot. That was quite the collection of herons eating frogs – yes, awful to see, but you can justify it as nature, but despicable what those kids were doing to the frogs and the mother condoning it. SMH! They might as well have thrown the frogs to the heron, as those frogs likely had torn legs or broken legs, if not otherwise traumatized from those kids. We get that green slime too especially with prolonged rain-free days and high heat and humidity. We’ve had a cooler spell the last week and it’s been wonderful.

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    1. Thank you! Kingfishers are hard to photograph as they are super fast and skittish. I think this one thought I couldn’t see him in the tree lol. That’s a good point that they might as well have thrown the frogs to the herons. I still think about that☹️

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      1. It would bother me as well – why and the parent does not see anything wrong with it. I would love to see a Kingfisher. I know we have them here, just never have been lucky to see one.

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  2. Beautiful pictures but how sad about the frogs. I always taught my kids the way you treat pets and live things in nature is how you will treat your kids. Both my kids love nature and have multiple pets. I told them if the go out with someone that is mean to their pets, get rid of them!

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