Algonquin Park – Little Rock Lake and Sunday Lake – Fall 2021

I found some other photos that I took and realized I had meant to put them in a Blog post but didn’t, so here they are. Last Fall, one day, we walked to Sunday Lake, a short hike and we also hiked to Little Rock Lake, that trail was pretty rough in some spots and I lost Trum out of my backpack but other than that…………..

Little Rock Lake, where Trum was lost or did he run off?

Hope you enjoyed some fall colours in the middle of the summer !

10 thoughts on “Algonquin Park – Little Rock Lake and Sunday Lake – Fall 2021”

  1. Fall is my favorite season, so I welcome seeing the colorful leaves and gorgeous reflections. Whew – good thing Clint found Trum! Next time you have to put a tether on Trum so he doesn’t escape out of your backpack, the sneaky devil!

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